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Breaking the news! Qingdao Haier Fengcai, a top 100 printing enterprise, may be in crisis

broke the news! On September 24, insiders in the group broke out that Qingdao Haier Fengcai Printing Co., Ltd. closed down! And there is a picture as evidence, showing a message from Baidu Post Bar on September 22: Youbian fireworks are still issued for help, and Qingdao Haier Fengcai has closed down! How about our salary for several months

on the post bar, friends also responded one after another. Post because PMMA artificial eye can effectively save up to 7 layers of color layers, the effect after wearing is as rich in three-dimensional sense and realistic and symmetrical color as that of the filled artificial eye. At the same time, the person revealed that he has signed a three-month job waiting agreement with the company, and I don't know whether it works or not

Qingdao Haier Fengcai Printing Co., Ltd. also ranks 16th on the list of the top 100 Chinese printing enterprises just released. 14. Tensile strength testing machine performs tensile tests on materials according to national standards or standards provided by users. Its performance in the industry is obvious to all, and the news of early discovery of accident signs has also caused a sensation in the industry

there are different opinions. It can only be said that there is no wind without waves. Some insiders said that Qingdao Haier Fengcai's capital chain was broken due to its investment in real estate. Insiders from the company also said that Qingdao Haier Fengcai was not bankrupt, but there was an equity dispute. As of press time, this news has not been confirmed by the person in charge of the company, and it is still a mystery. Keyin will continue to follow up the development of the situation and release confirmed official information in a timely manner

a recent review of 1kg materials found that in the ice bucket challenge charity activity launched by an organization in the industry on September 1, Mr. Xu Qinghua, general manager of Qingdao Haier Fengcai printing company, also accepted the ice bucket challenge, calling on industry insiders to jointly pay attention to occupational health issues. It was also mentioned that at present, the company mainly starts with equipment selection in terms of noise protection, and tries to strengthen protection at the source of noise. I think we will gradually strengthen noise control in the future to give employees a good working environment

from the recent reports on Qingdao Haier Fengcai, there is no sign of the company's collapse. Friends in the industry also expressed surprise at the explosion of this incident. In particular, I would like to remind friends in the industry that under the current severe market environment, printing enterprises need to invest cautiously and take the lead in stabilizing the word

Company background Qingdao Haier Fengcai Printing Co., Ltd. is a printing and packaging company jointly established by Qingdao Haier Group and Hong Kong Fengcai group. The company was established in May, 2000. At the beginning of its establishment, in line with the requirements of high standards and high starting points, it strives to become a leading enterprise in China's printing industry. It involves product research and development, product design, shelf design, product display, paper bags, greeting cards, books, newspapers, brochures, promotional materials, color boxes, gift boxes, color boxes, outer packing boxes and other packaging fields. According to the top 100 Chinese printing enterprises in 2014, Qingdao Haier Fengcai Printing Co., Ltd. ranked 16th, with product sales revenue of 1.27 billion yuan, total assets of 1.1 billion yuan and total profits of 50million yuan. (Editor: Xie Meng)

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