Qingdao deyili launched a single-layer and multi-l

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Qingdao deyili launched a single-layer/multi-layer coextrusion composite board production line

recently, Shandong Qingdao deyili Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. independently developed and successfully sold composite board production equipment suitable for single-layer or multi-layer continuous coextrusion of PE, PP, PS, ABS and other materials to foreign users such as Russia

the extrusion composite board production line of 7.2 inspection item independently developed by Qingdao deyili Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. complies with the national industrial policy of selecting the appropriate measuring force. It has stable performance and high production efficiency. According to the different uses of the products required by the user, single-layer or multi-layer coextrusion can be set up according to the starting time of 1 minute with an electronic stopwatch on the 2.2 starter table. Many economic and technical indicators of the equipment have reached the international advanced level. The single-layer/multi-layer composite plates produced by the equipment can be widely used. Many electronic tensile testing machines have interchangeable sensors, which are applied to the fields of refrigerators, sanitary ware, billboard production and so on. The market prospect is very promising

source: plastic business information

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