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Qingdao Environmental Monitoring Instrument Industry Alliance has made great progress

with the promotion of Qingdao quality supervision department, Qingdao has established the environmental monitoring instrument standard alliance. After more than a year of efforts, the environmental monitoring instrument manufacturing enterprises in the city have achieved cluster development with standards as the link. Enterprises not only realize the common use of parts, but also fill the international and domestic gaps with products developed jointly, and the overall competitiveness of the industry continues to improve

according to Li Baoying, the Secretary General of Qingdao Environmental monitoring instrument standard alliance, Qingdao Laoshan Institute of applied technology, more than 50% of the national environmental monitoring instrument production enterprises are concentrated in Qingdao, and more than 70% of such enterprises in the city are concentrated in Licang District. The market share of environmental monitoring instruments in Qingdao is more than 70%, and the market share of individual products is more than 85%. However, due to the lack of high-level and unified alliance standards, the production technology and product quality of the industry are difficult to improve, and the industrial development is stagnant

the establishment of enterprise standard alliance and the formulation of enterprise alliance standards has become a "problem solving move" for the development of environmental monitoring instrument industry in Licang District

promote the standard alliance to play the expected role. The bureau established the organization and operation organization of the environmental monitoring instrument standard alliance, held a coordination meeting, widely solicited the opinions of member enterprises, guided member units to write the analysis report on the importance and feasibility of the necessary weight reduction value for the establishment of the enterprise standard alliance, and completed the standardization work plan of the environmental monitoring instrument alliance in Licang District, It organized and reported to Shandong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision to carry out the work plan of the standard alliance, formulated the articles of association of Qingdao environmental protection monitoring instrument standard alliance, the agreement of Qingdao environmental protection monitoring instrument standard alliance, the working rules of the project working group of Qingdao environmental protection monitoring instrument standard alliance, and the scheduling meeting system of Qingdao environmental protection monitoring instrument standard alliance, bringing all activities within the alliance into an institutionalized track. Jointly designed and formulated the "atmosphere total suspended particulate matter sampler", "306X series pilot test line range and 1 train velocity monitoring instrument of Shenyang Institute of metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences", "smoke and gas monitoring instrument", "environment X γ The six alliance standards of measuring rate meter, electronic soap film flowmeter and exhaust dioxin sampler have been filed with Qingdao Bureau of quality and technical supervision and officially issued for implementation. The standard alliance connects the originally isolated enterprises. The six alliance standards have greatly improved and optimized the technical indicators in the product standards, improved the standard level of the alliance enterprises, and improved the product quality and market competitiveness

according to Li Baoying, the precipitation analyzer jointly developed by Qingdao Laoshan Applied Technology Research Institute and Qingdao Shenghan Chromatography Technology Co., Ltd. has filled the international gap, and the air heavy metal sampling and analysis instrument has filled the domestic gap. The shell of Laoying 2031 intelligent large flow TSP (PM10) sampler produced by Qingdao Laoshan Applied Technology Research Institute is processed by Qingdao Hengyuan Testing Technology Co., Ltd., and the multifunctional sampling tube sold by Hengyuan is developed and processed by Laoying. The realization of common parts among alliance enterprises not only integrates resources, but also improves the overall product quality. Since the establishment of the standard alliance, the economic benefits of the Institute in 2011 have increased by 15% year-on-year. Data less than this value will not be stored, and the sales revenue has increased by more than 30 million yuan. According to incomplete statistics, the sales revenue of alliance enterprises increased by 8% year-on-year in 2011. "The happiest thing for enterprises is to see benefits early. After the establishment of the standard alliance, enterprises have made money. Customers know that we are members of the standard alliance, and their confidence in buying has increased significantly."

it is reported that the alliance standard atmospheric total suspended particulate matter sampler developed by the standards alliance has been implemented on December 10, 2010, while the national standard JJG total suspended particulate matter sampler was implemented on January 14, 2011. To this end, the standards alliance has proposed to the Qingdao Bureau of quality supervision to revise the original alliance standards. At the same time that the state will increase the detection of PM2.5, Qingdao environmental protection monitoring instrument industry will usher in another period of development opportunities

the relevant person in charge of the Bureau said that the next step would be to strengthen the promotion of work, combined with the industrial characteristics of Qingdao, guide relevant industries and enterprises to take the standard alliance as the link, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and make due contributions to further promoting regional economic development

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