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Qingdao heavy industry strengthens grass-roots party building to promote development

Qingdao heavy industry strengthens grass-roots party building to promote development

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the Party committee of Qingdao heavy industry attaches great importance to Party building and promotes development with Party Building. By further strengthening the work of Party building at the grass-roots level, deepening the establishment of service-oriented Party organizations, effectively give play to the role of overall planning and coordination of Party members and cadres at the grass-roots level, scientifically guide, actively and steadily promote the smooth implementation of all work, and promote production and operation with Party Building work. At the party masses work conference held on July 13, 2015, Wang Chundong, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the labor union of the company, put forward new requirements on further improving the ideological understanding and work level of cadres in the party masses system

first, we should correctly understand our own work identity and nature, and correctly understand the importance of grass-roots party and mass work posts. Grassroots party and mass work is highly policy oriented and involves a wide range of areas. Doing a good job of grassroots party and mass work is crucial to Qingdao heavy industry to turn losses and increase profits, and to innovate and upgrade. As the heads and leaders of all branches and sub branches, everyone should have a clear understanding of their identity and. What sense should we have from the structure and operation method of the concrete pressure testing machine to transform the requirements of "three strictness and three solid" into the spirit of entrepreneurship, so as to further improve the work level

second, we should strengthen theoretical study and constantly improve our political theory level while learning and making good use of professional knowledge. While carefully studying professional knowledge, every cadre of the party masses system should constantly learn the political theoretical knowledge and basic knowledge of the party masses work, so as to lay a solid theoretical foundation for doing a good job in various work

third, enhance awareness. As "squad leaders", Party branch secretaries and branch chairmen must set an example, further enhance their awareness of innovation, and carry out innovative work on the basis of standardizing the implementation and strict implementation of the system of Party construction, engineering construction and league construction, combined with the actual situation of the Department

fourth, enhance team awareness. We should pay attention to giving full play to the enthusiasm of every member of the Party branch and branch team, and make concerted efforts to do a good job in the grass-roots party and mass work

fifth, we should strengthen the cultivation and publicity of model figures. While giving full play to the exemplary role of leaders and the team role of the team, we should pay attention to mining and cultivating advanced models in the workforce. By selecting models, we should give full play to the exemplary and driving role of models, guide and encourage employees to stand on their posts and strive for excellence, and constantly enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the workforce

the party masses work at the six levels should truly "focus on the center and serve the overall situation". We should adhere to the "four Simultaneities" between the work of the party and the masses and the production and operation of enterprises (research, deployment, inspection and implementation at the same time). The work should be closely centered on production and operation, and the work of the party, the labor union, the league and the women should be jointly displayed on the left and right of the display screen), so as to do a good job in service guarantee. We should make full use of platforms such as workers' technical competitions and technological innovation, model worker innovation studios, workers' bookstores, and moral lectures to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture and the construction of the workforce, so as to provide spiritual impetus and team guarantee for doing a good job in production and operation

seventh, we should conscientiously implement the deployment of the group and the company, implement the requirements of "grasping the key link of staff team construction" proposed by general manager Wang Yingbo in his "July 1st" speech, and constantly promote enterprise innovation and upgrading. We should carry out a series of theme practice activities of "dare to take responsibility, dare to innovate, and do everything well with high quality and efficiency" in an in-depth and sustained manner, so that every employee can actively participate in the activities, and make everyone clearly realize that the development of the enterprise depends on everyone, the development of the enterprise benefits everyone, and every employee is the main body. We should bravely assume our own responsibilities, actively carry out work, and play its due role in the innovation and upgrading of Qingdao heavy industry

eighth, we should conscientiously implement the requirements put forward by general manager Wang Yingbo to "integrate love into the corporate culture, care for and cherish employees, and keep close contact with the masses of employees". Grassroots party and mass workers should "know their staff, make friends with them, and help their employees", and be "intimate, intimate, and enthusiastic" of their employees. We should adhere to the mass line of "coming from the masses and going to the masses", put in-depth investigation and research, find out the actual situation of the staff and workers, and carry out various work with a targeted aim. We should carry out the activities of "three members" and "three building structure testing technical standards gb/t50344 (2) 004 heart" in the ranks of Party and mass cadres, and eliminate the "last mile" with employees by establishing "employee service stations"

IX. set an example in developing an excellent and solid work style. We should keep pace with the times, explore and innovate, consciously and actively implement the requirements put forward by President Wang at the "July 1st" commendation meeting for Party members and leading cadres, be disciplined, take into account the overall situation, be intentional, have a sense of crisis, perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities, and constantly improve their work style in accordance with the work requirements of "three strictness and three truthfulness". We should be close to the workers and reality, be realistic, pragmatic, and enterprising, constantly improve the level of grass-roots party and mass work, truly play the role of a fortress and a vanguard model, unite and drive the workers, and escort the production and operation work

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