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Coating enterprises that passed the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification in May 2007

coating enterprises that passed the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification in May 2007

June 13, 2007

[China coating information] according to the product certification procedures for China environmental labeling certification and other documents, the environmental certification center of the state environmental protection administration examined the enterprises applying for certification in accordance with the relevant procedures, The list of enterprises that passed the certification in May, 2007 is now published

environmental certification center of the State Environmental Protection Administration

June 11, 2007

list of enterprises that passed the China environmental label certification in May 2007

CEC el -

SENGO brand sealing adhesive, ceramic tile supporting adhesive Waterproof adhesive (see the annex for detailed product name and specification)

Beijing Pengtai Xiangyu coating Co., Ltd.

cec-el -

Bayun byn-806 (B, C, d) interior wall emulsion paint, byw-808 (B, C, d) exterior wall emulsion paint

cec-el -

Meichao yiyaping (the second generation 821 wall putty, polymer wall putty, water-resistant putty), wall porphyrin (wall putty).Caulking plaster) Wally (plaster)

CEC el -

Haiju, hydraer brand waterborne wood paint: hp106 brush putty, hp108 scrape putty, hp112 solid sealing primer, hp123 all-round primer, hp132 easy grinding primer, ht2110 blue angel one component bright clear finish, ht2115 blue angel one component semi matt clear finish, ht2111 blue angel one component full matt clear finish, ht2210 Blue Angel two component bright clear finish, ht2215 Blue Angel two component semi matt clear finish Ht2211 Blue Angel two-component full matte finish, ht2120 green whirlwind one-component bright clear finish, ht2125 green whirlwind one-component semi matte finish, ht2121 green whirlwind one-component full matte finish, ht2220 green whirlwind two-component bright clear finish, ht2225 green whirlwind two-component semi matte finish, ht2221 green whirlwind two-component full matte finish, hc3200 Everest snow white finish, hc3201~3269 little Angel Health paint series, hc3270~3299 fantasy color solid paint series Hc3000 solid color special bright finish paint, hc3001 solid color special matte finish paint, hc5101~5199 bright colored transparent finish paint series, hc5201~5299 matte colored transparent finish paint series, hw6160 one component bright floor paint, hw6161 one component matte floor paint, hw6260 two component bright floor paint, hw6261 two component matte floor paint, ha0010 red color essence, ha0030 yellow color essence, ha0080 black color essence, ha0090 brown color essence Ha0110 red water character Lisi, ha0130 yellow water character Lisi, ha0180 black water character Lisi, ha0190 brown water character Lisi; Emulsion paint: hx806 alkali resistant and mildew proof primer, hx808 super alkali resistant and mildew proof primer, hx800 water sealing and mildew proof environmental protection paint, h1810 sea blue environmental matte interior paint, h1811 Haibi environmental matte interior paint, h1812 Haiyun advanced matte interior paint, h1813 Haiyun luxury matte interior paint, h1815 Haitian top silk interior paint, he823 haidun-t exterior wall paint, he825 haidun-f exterior wall paint, he828 haidun-e exterior wall paint Hs816 stain free paint, hs817 miraculous antibacterial interior paint, hs818 anion oxygen bar luxury interior paint, hs819 infrared energy-saving insulation interior paint, hs831 ultraviolet resistant exterior paint, hs832 infrared energy-saving insulation exterior paint, hs833 ultra smooth self-cleaning (anti psoriasis) paint, hs835 elastic brushed exterior paint

CEC el -

Cody, jiajiali, Dibao, dbao Again, again, Bardis, DIS, Dichen, Digo, Shengwang, Bolun, meijiwang, mitiw, Huili, Daban brand (see the annex of the certificate for detailed model specifications)

CEC el -

Fengcai brand interior wall: beautiful home latex paint, green home latex paint, modern home cement paint, beautiful home latex paint, jiahaomei latex paint, emerald latex paint, sapphire latex paint Ruby cement many enterprises from Chinese Mainland and Taiwan also participated in this exhibition paint, five in one emulsion paint, Ta full function interior wall water-based paint, jk-97 interior wall emulsion paint, jk-1 interior wall emulsion paint, jk-2 interior wall emulsion paint, FJ interior wall cement paint; Exterior wall: ja-1 exterior wall emulsion paint, ja-2 exterior wall emulsion paint, JS-1 exterior wall cement paint, JS-2 exterior wall cement paint, rain proof paint, permanent solid paint, special solid paint, back cover paint, elastic paint, LS exterior wall lotus leaf paint

annual inspection addition

Suzhou Baishi high paint Co., Ltd.

CEC el -

Baishi high, Basico brand exterior wall emulsion paint: elastic cleaning King exterior wall emulsion paint, all-round professional exterior wall emulsion paint; Interior wall emulsion paint: ecological formaldehyde elimination King interior wall paint, hengritte interior wall paint

cec-el -

desert oasis, tuna, meihuili, longrun, Yincheng, ask brand interior wall emulsion paint: lsn-0003 full effect five in one Luxury Satin emulsion paint, lsn-0047 interior wall engineering emulsion paint, lsn-0049 interior wall engineering emulsion paint, lsn-0051 interior wall matt emulsion paint, lsn-7000 fudeli, lsn-0053 interior wall mercerized emulsion paint, lsn-0055 full effect ten in one Lsn-0057 wall protector and lsn-8818 interior 1 must check whether the upper fixture and the lower fixture are on a vertical and horizontal line. Non metallic mineral products such as wall engineering emulsion paint, non dirty wall paint, lsn-9000 negative ion nano new chemical building materials are also included, including ecological paint, lsn-8828 interior wall matt emulsion paint, lsn-6201 luxury matt emulsion paint, lsn-101 interior wall emulsion paint, lsn-101a interior wall emulsion paint, lsn-7100 medley; Exterior wall emulsion paint: lsw-0048 exterior wall engineering emulsion paint, lsw-0050 exterior wall Deluxe matte emulsion paint, lsw-0052 exterior wall Deluxe gloss emulsion paint, lsw-0054 exterior wall Satin emulsion paint, lsw-102 exterior wall emulsion paint, lsw-0046 exterior wall engineering emulsion paint, lsw-100 exterior wall emulsion paint

CEC el -

SALUX, Nike, naky, Amero, yamino brand

interior wall paint Exterior wall paint (see the annex for detailed product name and specification)

Shenzhen Guangtian environmental protection coating Co., Ltd.

Sanye, Guangtian railway system passenger car speed increase, spring standard modification of interior wall paint and exterior wall paint (see the annex for detailed product name and specification)

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