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With 100 million financing, the fighting robot app he developed controls the offline version of "glory of the king"

talking about the original intention of developing the robot ganker, Zhao Junjie said that because it is my hero, I want to bring it to the world with my own hands

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mecha is male romance. Similar to Barbie doll and Jinan time experimental machine women, robot is a product with physiological bias. In the hearts of countless men, it occupies a very important position. Zhaojunjie believes that there is a romantic feeling

due to his long-standing love for mecha, Zhao Junjie decided to make a fighting robot that can produce interactive experience. In August 2015, he founded the craftsmen's club and launched the fighting competitive robot ganker and the visual competitive robot geio. In July 2016, ganker was rated by YouTube as the top five adult male toys of the year in the world. On Facebook, the team raised more than $100000, and has accumulated nearly 150000 fans through ganker

in China, artisan society has established cooperative relations with Shundian and other companies, with more than 2000 dealers. In North America, Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region, the products are sold through agents, and the total shipment volume has increased five times compared with last year. According to Facebook data, about 35% of ganker buyers bought geio at the same time

in September this year, the craftsman's Club completed a round B financing of 100 million yuan. The financing was led by Guangkong Zhongying capital, followed by Hejing capital and its old shareholder volcanic stone capital. Zhao Junjie revealed that this round of financing will be mainly used for R & D laboratory expansion, production management strengthening and market promotion

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Entrepreneurship Based on mecha feelings

many friends asked me why I did ganker. In fact, the reason is very simple, because it is my hero, and I want to bring it to the world myself. Talking about the original intention of entrepreneurship, Zhao Junjie said so

Zhao Junjie has been obsessed with robots since childhood and has always loved watching variety shows of American fighting robot types. Cool fighting plots in science fiction movies also often come to his mind. He hopes to reproduce the wonderful fighting pictures on the screen in real life to meet his childhood fantasy

most of the public's impression of fighting robots comes from various TV programs, such as this year's hot "robot hegemony", which is the first domestic dramatic reality show with the baud rater global league of human fighting as the story line. It has gathered more than 30 solid teams around the world and invited hundreds of excellent geeks to compete against each other, which has received high attention

Zhao Junjie believes that fighting robots should not only exist in variety shows, but should become a popular entertainment product. Just like the glory of the king, everyone may not be able to enter the high-end Bureau, but they can enjoy the fun in the process of participation. Seeing the operation of master players will also produce a sense of identity. Dullele is not as good as zhonglele. He hopes everyone can participate in the robot fighting game, rather than just watching from afar

Zhao Junjie graduated from university in 2010. He majored in design. Instead of working in the media industry, he went to a game company to do game design and planning. Two years later, he went to a smart home company as a product manager to develop smart air conditioners. This is the most influential job for him, from which he has accumulated rich experience in software and hardware product development. Later, he went to Shenzhen to work in software outsourcing. Eight years of experience as a product manager has laid the foundation for his subsequent entrepreneurship

when wandering one day, Zhao Junjian was attracted by a small robot. It is a MIP robot developed by WOWWEE company in the United States. It has a round head, a symbol eye and a chassis with two round wheels. He thought the appearance of the robot was very pleasing, and recalled his childhood memories, so he bought one and went home. However, toys are always toys and cannot produce interactive experience

therefore, he began to think about how to reshape the robot category with technical means, restore the scenes imagined in the minds of robot lovers in reality, and reproduce the fighting plot in science fiction movies

in August 2015, zhaojunjie and his partner Caifen officially founded the craftsman's society to reshape microelectronic robots. Caifen is a post-90s serial entrepreneur who once worked as a PCB Technical Engineer under the China Airlines, with rich experience in marketing and product technology development. They believe that fighting competitive robots are still in a blank state in the market

after 4 iterations, they created a new product category desktop competitive robot. The robot is no longer a Lego style assembly toy. Players can control it through handles, apps, somatosensory, EMG control systems and other ways to carry out real interactive battles and restore the scenes of robot fierce battles in science fiction works. The robot is full of electronic scoring system, and the results of the game are judged by scoring according to the strike positions of both sides. When the robot's HP is 0, it will automatically lock

interactive fighting robot

with the rapid development of science and technology, robots are no longer production tools or household service tools in factories, but also an indispensable part of public entertainment life. The fighting competitive robot ganker and the visual competitive robot geio launched by the craftsman society are precisely intended to meet the public's demand for robot competitive entertainment

in April 2016, the first generation demo of ganker, the first robot, was developed by the team independently, ranging from embedded hardware and software, industrial structure, sensors, to front-end control software. When ganker iterated to the fourth generation, it already had two sets of new motion control systems, one is the gesture trigger skill controller, the other is to capture the movement of the user's upper limbs through the mechanical unit and make a one-to-one simulation response

robot ganker

ganker, which was approved to be the designated event machine of the world robot competition, is a small fighting robot that combines teaching with fun. It uses robot joint movement module, electronic scoring system and app control to realize various competitive activities such as robot fighting, speed racing and obstacle avoidance. Ganker's hitting methods include boxers, pistols, sharp blades, etc. sensors are built in key areas of its body, and the scoring parts provide light effect. The four-wheel chassis is composed of four omni-directional wheels and a metal skeleton running through the omni-directional wheels. The full steering gear joint design can realize real humanoid activities

during the research and development of ganker, craftsman's Club obtained an angel round financing of 5million yuan from Jiuhe venture capital, and participated in various exhibitions at home and abroad. In 2016, the team raised more than $100000 on Facebook through ganker. In July of the same year, ganker was rated by YouTube as the world's top five adult men's toy thirst of the year. In August, the team received another 11million yuan of pre-A financing from volcanic rock and Haofang venture capital. At the beginning of 2017, ganker entered the stage of mass production, with a price of 2580 yuan. So far, ganker has accumulated nearly 150000 fans on Facebook

the exquisite and dexterous long-range artillery AI favorite geio is the second product of the craftsman's club. At present, it has officially landed at home. 2. Do not let go when operating, especially when unloading, to avoid violent vibration and affect the accuracy of the experimental machine. The external robot battle stage. Geio is loaded with two core technologies, FPV and AI system. It not only has eyes that can carry out visual recognition and first person shooting, but also has the wisdom of intelligent recognition and active attack and defense

robot geio

in low-power visual recognition, geio can automatically launch an attack after seeing the enemy. Unlike traditional mobile games and game consoles, geio is also equipped with a posture control system. In addition to controlling the robot by sliding the app interface with fingers, the manipulator can also make the geio synchronously produce the corresponding movement effect by moving the entity (body feeling), which solves the problem of poor sense of space and direction of the manipulator. Currently, the price of geio is 1288 yuan

compared with ganker, the operation of geio is simpler and applicable to a wider range of people. Ganker is a close combat robot, which can quickly judge skills and switch according to weapons. Geio is suitable for launching group warfare, which is similar to the offline version of King glory collective warfare, and focuses on tactics. Facebook data shows that the male fans of craftsman Club exceed 80%, and the age range is 8-35 years old. At the same time, about 35% of ganker buyers bought geio with the same account

Zhao Junjian said that in China, artisan society has established cooperative relations with Shundian and other companies, with more than 2000 dealers. In North America, Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region, the products are sold through agents, and the total shipment volume has increased five times compared with last year. In addition to robots, the team is also simultaneously selling somatosensory controllers, batteries, remote controls, VR glasses and other accessories. Subsequently, the artisan society plans to gradually launch a variety of series of products to build robots into different types of arms

robot competition

in March last year, after obtaining Tencent's tens of millions of a-round financing, craftsman's society successively launched small robot competitions in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Potentiometer displacement sensors convert mechanical displacement into resistance or voltage in a linear or arbitrary functional relationship through potentiometer elements, and output them to Hong Kong and Macao SAR, as well as major foreign cities such as Tokyo and Los Angeles. The team has created more than 10 community activities and craftsman Cup series competitions, which attracted more than 2000 people at the largest scale. These large-scale events are usually held 8 times a year, and small-scale events cooperated with third parties are usually held 300 times a year. At present, the variety shows cooperating with the craftsman club include iqiyi's "robot hegemony" and Youku's "this is iron armor"

in addition to fighting robots, craftsman's club is also continuing to develop its own IP, relying on animation, comics, novels and other forms to show robot culture, and fully integrate technical entities with cultural connotation. In the future, the team will take advantage of Tencent's platform to launch derivative cultural film and television works

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