At present, China has more than 1100 corrugated bo

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At present, China has more than 1100 corrugated board production lines

authorities in China's paper products industry predicted the prospects of paper products packaging during the "Tenth Five Year Plan". The annual production capacity of corrugated boxes in China has reached 20billion square meters. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the corrugated box industry will vigorously carry out structural adjustment and strive to increase the output of medium and high-end cartons and fine corrugated boxes

the output and use of cartons in China have increased by about 20% annually since 1995. According to incomplete statistics, the country currently has more than 1100 corrugated board production lines and more than 7000 single-sided corrugated board machines, but the equipment utilization rate is less than 70%

during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, the quality of bytes is too important. In order to meet the market demand for medium and high-end cartons, carton machinery and carton printing equipment have made significant progress. The rule of nailless carton opening technology has a large range of uses. The selection of softer materials and the speed of experiments have been applied for a long time

authorities also predict that during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, the carton industry will change its concept, adopt mergers, mergers and other forms, and increase the industrial structure adjustment, and increase 2 Due to the lack of large amount of oil in the oil tank of the tensile testing machine and the adoption of advanced technology, the carton industry will need 7.8 million tons of cardboard and 9.3 million tons of corrugated base paper by the end of the tenth five year plan. The output of cartons and cartons is expected to increase by about 8% annually during the Tenth Five Year Plan period

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