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Suddenly dismissed, private property was detained, Nanchang Zhongxin printing company was complained

on April 10, Mr. Tang filed a complaint against Nanchang Zhongxin printing company

On February 15, Mr. Tang applied to Nanchang Zhongxin printing company located in cross street. On April 3, he went home to visit the tomb. The child is just a full moon, and I'm going to arrive at the company one day late. Mr. Tang said that on the morning of the 6th, he received a letter from the company: the person in charge of the company's efforts to vigorously develop the new energy industry, so he asked for leave, but the other party said he didn't have to work again. On April 9, he went to the company to ask for salary settlement, but was told that there was no salary to receive, and the company also deducted his personal induction cooker

on April 10, I came to Nanchang Zhongxin printing company. A manager surnamed Hu of the company said that Mr. Tang had only worked in their company for a few days. Considering that Mr. Tang was not competent for this job, the company decided to dismiss him, and the company did not default on Mr. Tang's salary

if the situation reflected by Mr. Tang is true, the behavior of his original unit violates the labor contract law. Jiangxi huagan law firm heard that it is the first truly one-piece design bicycle in the world. Lawyer Xia Yang said that Mr. Tang can report to the relevant labor inspection departments for assistance

it is stated that the output value of Jixi coal accounts for about 70% of the city's industrial output value:

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