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Overnight, Chongqing Liwen became popular and sold out 600000 boxes of paper in 72 hours

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core tip: in the subsequent activity of "poly cost-effective short selling Asia's first bamboo pulp paper mill", 600000 boxes of paper towels were sold out in just 72 hours due to their excellent quality and the environmental protection characteristics of bamboo pulp paper towels

as the first enterprise to eat crabs, Chongqing Liwen Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Liwen) and its downstream paper enterprises, with the help of jucost-effective platform, sold 600000 boxes of tissue in 72 hours, setting a new peak in tissue activity sales on e-commerce platforms

Yan Jianguo, general manager of Chongqing Liwen, said in an interview that with the amazing explosive power of e-commerce, Chongqing Liwen is taking off in branding and marketization

Chongqing paper enterprises became popular overnight

recently, juhuasuan and liwenda, the No. 1 bamboo pulp paper factory in Asia, reached a growth cooperation agreement, which will provide juhuasuan with high-quality bamboo pulp paper towels that promote close contact with customers for a long time

in the later activity of "poly cost-effective short selling Asia's first bamboo pulp paper factory", 600000 boxes of paper towels were sold out in just 72 hours due to their excellent quality and the environmental protection characteristics of bamboo pulp paper towels

according to juhuasuan, the "short selling of Asia's No. 1 bamboo pulp and paper mill" activity created a new peak in the sales of tissue activities on e-commerce platforms. The sales of a super single product of Zhihu brand (Liwen downstream paper enterprise) exceeded 300000, setting a record for paper single product sales on Alibaba platform. A single tissue of Levin sold more than 100000 pieces, breaking the single pit record since the double 11, such as juhuasuan Xindian's entry into the paper industry

Yan Jianguo, general manager of Liwen, said that although Liwen was a leader in the paper industry, its main business was to provide raw materials and OEM production for downstream enterprises, and its own brand had very limited influence in the mass consumer market. One year later, with the empowerment of e-commerce, it is rare for Liwen not only to establish sales channels in a short time, but also to create a miracle of e-commerce sales in the industry

as a leading enterprise in bamboo pulp paper production in the industry, Liwen settled in Chongqing Yongchuan Gangqiao Industrial Park in 2006, extending from the original production of only packaging paper to three industrial chains: packaging paper and packaging material industrial chain, household paper industrial chain and special paper industrial chain

In more than 10 years, Chongqing Liwen Paper Co., Ltd. has built three high-grade kraft liner production lines, with an annual output of 950000 tons of packaging paper, 180000 tons of pulp, 330000 tons of base paper, 100000 tons of paper production capacity, and an output value of 10billion yuan

Yan Jianguo, general manager of Levin, said that by providing low-cost plants, equipment and raw materials for downstream enterprises, Levin also attracted well-known brands such as laizhihu to settle in the park, so as to jointly expand the natural tissue industrial belt. It is preliminarily estimated that the toilet paper production capacity of Liwen will exceed 540000 tons/year in 2018, and will become the largest toilet paper production base in China

Yan Jianguo introduced that in order to expand its brand influence in the mass consumer market, Liwen, like many traditional enterprises, embarked on the road of touch in 2017. First, by improving the industrial chain supporting facilities, reduce costs and directly benefit consumers; Second, make full use of platform advantages such as jucost-effective and pinduoduo to quickly attract popularity through promotional activities

he introduced that with the empowerment of e-commerce, Levin moved to the front of the stage from a raw material supplier, and its online sales accounted for 50% from 10% in 2017. It is expected that the proportion will exceed 60% in 2019. A total of 120million pieces of green, environmental friendly and safe packaging additives were sold in toilet paper, which was very popular

Yan Jianguo said that after the sales volume increased, Liwen was cooperating with the paper enterprises in the park to jointly build a logistics system to solve the key problems in logistics, such as transportation capacity, timeliness, logistics cost, etc. at present, as long as it is not a monopoly industry. Looking at the toilet paper industrial belt driven by zhongliwen, Cainiao logistics and baishihuitong have moved into Chongqing Yongchuan Gangqiao Industrial Park, with a total of more than 20 million logistics equipment invested, realizing a transportation capacity of 300000 orders per day

liguochai, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Chongqing Yongchuan Gangqiao District Management Committee, said that with the establishment of e-commerce logistics platform, the sales of wood products, die-casting products and other building materials products in the park will be driven to the direction of intelligence and modernization, so as to enhance market competitiveness

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