The hottest one week market of nylon silk in Sheng

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From January 7 to 14, the weekly market dynamics of nylon silk in Shengze and Jiaxing

in the past week, although such materials in the upstream have good characteristics such as light weight, high strength and good heat resistance, the market price of raw materials CPL is slightly firm. At present, the price is 23400 yuan/t, and the price of nylon chips is 24500 yuan/t. However, the price of nylon silk in Shengze and Jiaxing appears calm, and the downstream needs to survive with excellent products, showing a cautious trend of small batch and multi batch, Nylon yarn showed a trend of "stable volume and price"

judging from the trend of Shengze and Jiaxing, the quotations of nylon-6fdy70d/24f, 100d/36f and 140d/48f have increased this week. At present, the market quotations are 28000 yuan/t, 27800 yuan/t and 27500 yuan/t respectively. Among them, the market price of 70d/24f nylon-6fdy (Powerlong) is about yuan/t this week. Nylon FDY DSM introduces a new generation of optical fiber coating technology desolite? Supercoat... The demand of matting silk 40d and 70D continued to fall this week, and their prices were 37500 yuan/t and 30500 yuan/t respectively, which were flat compared with the previous price. In contrast, the dynamic sales of nylon FDY full matting silk 40d was larger, which was mainly used in the production of high-density matting nylon spinning on jet looms. The semi gloss nylon monofilament market trend shows a "volume increase" trend, of which 20d, 30d/1f semi gloss nylon monofilament (premium products) has obvious downstream demand, and the production of wedding scarf fabric. There are few transactions in the nylon semi gloss multifilament market, which has become a "price without market" situation. The market of Youguang nylon yuankong silk has also rebounded recently, and its products are mainly used to produce decorative fabrics. Nylon-66dty market has little demand in this region, and the price also shows a stable trend. At present, the domestic price of nylon 6-aty 160d/96f full matte is 32000 yuan/t, which has a good sales trend in Shengze market recently, mainly thanks to the continuous sales of fabrics of "full 3, clamping extension, matte Taslon" and the appearance of orders in early spring. Downstream weaving enterprises produce full matte Taslon fabrics unabated. The market sales volume of polyester/nylon composite yarn shows a downward trend. MoSi peach skin velvet and polyester/nylon cotton fabrics in the main downstream cloth markets are unsalable. At present, the actual transaction price of polyester/nylon composite yarn is also somewhat depressed. Judging from the current fabric market transactions, recently, the nylon polyester spinning market continues to sell well, while nylon interweaving such as Nisi spinning and Taslon is in a state of slow reduction, and the downstream demand for nylon silk has also slowed down. It is expected that the overall market trend of nylon filament will continue to be stable next week

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