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Hunan: the total industrial output value of the military civilian integration industry has an average annual growth of 21%

the development of Hunan military civilian integration is at a critical stage from preliminary integration to deep integration. The two companies will announce more synergy stages in the first quarter of 2019, showing a good momentum of overall promotion. On the morning of the 25th, Huang Donghong, deputy director of the military civilian integration office of the provincial Party committee and deputy director of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, said in an interview that since the 13th five year plan, the total industrial output value of Hunan's dual-use technology industry has exceeded 600billion yuan, the total industrial output value of the province's military civilian integration industry has increased by 21% annually, and the added value of other materials industry has increased by 30.4% annually. At present, there are three national military civilian integration industry demonstration bases and eight provincial demonstration bases in the province. The equipment manufacturing industry represented by engineering machinery and rail transit plays an important role in the country

Huang Dong incorporated expert consultation into the decision-making process. Hong Hong said that the first trial in Hunan's "military to civilian" field has explored successful experience, and the military scientific research achievements have been deeply integrated into all fields of Hunan's economic and social construction, becoming the pacesetter leading high-quality development. At present, among the pillar industries of automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, equipment manufacturing, electronic information and other industries in the province, units and technologies related to military industry account for about 70%. For example, Changfeng Group, a representative enterprise of military to civilian conversion, has become an important independent automobile brand and occupies an important position in the field of domestic off-road vehicles

in addition, through central local cooperation, provincial school co construction, and military local coordination, Hunan has established a military civilian, cross ownership, and cross departmental military civilian integration scientific and technological innovation model. More than 20 world-class and domestic leading scientific research achievements, such as supercomputers, medium and low speed magnetic levitation, Beidou satellite navigation, autonomous and controllable computers, and carbon/carbon composites, have been transformed and applied in Hunan Province. Tianyi Research Institute has successfully launched a number of commercial microsatellites, becoming a new force in China's commercial aerospace field. Technologies such as high-resolution earth observation system and Beidou high-precision navigation are accelerating the pace of industrialization and penetrating into all fields of economy and society

in 2017, there were 55 key military civilian integration industrial projects in the province, with a total investment of 97.4 billion yuan, of which 35 major military civilian integration industrial projects were signed with central military enterprises. The national military trade company signed strategic cooperation agreements with six enterprises in the province, including Shanhe intelligent, and eight units in the Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan region signed industry university research cooperation agreements with COMAC

in terms of "people joining the army", the rapid development of Hunan industry has built a strong industrial foundation for "people joining the army". Hunan has a solid industrial foundation. In 2017, the industrial added value of the province reached 1188 billion yuan, accounting for 35% of the provincial GDP. Equipment manufacturing industries such as construction machinery, rail transit equipment and aero engines have the foundation and strength to build world-class industrial clusters

the "enlistment" of local advantageous enterprises also injects new forces into military civilian integration. A large number of advantageous civilian units such as Sany, CRRC special equipment, Jingjia microelectronics, aerospace Huanyu, times rubber and plastic participate in military research and production. Among them, Sany automobile, as a private enterprise, has obtained the overall license of the army vehicle model, creating a national precedent

Huang Donghong said that in the next step, Hunan will focus on key areas and key links, and promote the in-depth development of military civilian integration with the spirit of reform and innovation. At the same time, adhere to the focus on promoting the typical drive, focus on the creation of national military civilian integration innovation demonstration zone and the construction of major demonstration projects, and promote the overall improvement of the development level of military civilian integration in Hunan Province from point to area

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