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Military printing enterprises began to implement green printing from energy conservation and emission reduction

in the printing industry, up to now, 606 enterprises have obtained green printing certification Vibration table (including impact table and collision table); But none of them is a military printing enterprise. Nowadays, green printing has become a trend. How can military printing enterprises implement green printing according to specific conditions? We should proceed from reality, analyze the current environment and situation of military printing plants with the scientific concept of development, and focus on the treatment of polluted environment, energy conservation and emission reduction, and pay attention to the health of employees

at present, there are many practical problems in the implementation of green printing in China's printing industry. For example, the standards related to environmental protection in the printing industry are not perfect; Large investment in enterprise environmental transformation; Printing itself is a processing industry. To solve the source, we should first start with the environmental protection of raw materials; Printing enterprises have high processing cost of environmental protection printing, large investment in the printing industry, but low processing profit value, and high cost, which makes it difficult for enterprises to maintain and develop; The high price of environmental friendly printing raw materials makes the cost of enterprises increase and unbearable; Many enterprises in the printing industry have insufficient understanding of green printing

for the military printing enterprises in terms of the speed and testing force range of the new tensile testing machine, first of all, in accordance with the spirit of the Ministry of environmental protection and the General Administration of press and publication, the supply of waste plastic particles has been in short supply. In particular, enterprises that print primary and secondary school textbooks, teaching aids and children's books must first obtain environmental labeling product certification. Secondly, the army has the conditions to implement environmental 14000 certification for printing and packaging enterprises. Raw materials of publications shall be purchased, and the quality shall adopt raw materials with environmental protection qualification or environmental protection. Finally, actively recommend environmental protection materials to customers, promote the creation of civilized production, green environment, trustworthy enterprises and other activities. First, save energy, reduce consumption, improve resource recycling, utilization and recyclable resources

in order to implement green printing, the military Printing Association is not lagging behind. In August and October this year, it launched green printing standards and certification procedures, and invited experts and teachers to explain them. Subsequently, the seminar on green printing was organized. In the seminar, the delegates discussed in depth the problems existing in the current promotion of green printing, such as the difficulties of enterprises, ideological understanding, policy grasp, imperfect standards and so on. Many representatives expressed very useful suggestions for military printing enterprises to carry out green printing. Everyone unanimously recognized the importance and academic nature of implementing green printing. To carry out green printing, we should seek truth from facts and look at the current situation of the printing industry objectively and rationally

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