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Military demand traction "exhibition and exchange of dual-use maintenance technology products as a response to the" celebrity advertisement "effect of social concern"

gaobote express: all services and arms, including the third and fourth departments of the General Staff Department, as well as all major military regions The competent departments and professionals in charge of maintenance in military colleges and universities were invited to participate in the "dual-use maintenance technology seminar and new product exhibition" held in Hangzhou on October

according to the comrades in charge of the general assembly and maintenance technology professional group, the organizer of the conference, in order to implement the central strategic idea of "putting the army into the people", the Organizing Committee of the conference invited relevant responsible comrades from the arms department, the land and aviation department, the communications Department, the General Armament Department, the communications department, the comprehensive planning department, the air force, the Navy, the second artillery, the equipment department, the comprehensive planning department, the military communications department and other departments of the general staff to attend the conference and visit the exhibition. The heads of equipment maintenance and organic maintenance units from the seven military regions of Chengdu, Nanjing, Jinan, Beijing, Shenyang, Lanzhou and Guangzhou were also invited to participate in the conference, including the Armored Force Engineering College, the Ordnance Engineering College, the Naval Engineering University, the Air Force Engineering University, the air force equipment Research Institute Leaders and maintenance experts from the Second Artillery Engineering College and other key military academies were also invited to attend the conference as academic research units

"dual use maintenance technology seminar and new product exhibition" is the first comprehensive conference or temporary monopoly with the theme of dual-use maintenance technology, which is led and hosted by the professional group of general assembly maintenance engineering technology and integrates academic discussion and product exhibition. The conference specially invited many well-known academicians in the field of domestic maintenance, such as Xu Binshi and Liu Shanghe, as well as major military workers, to make a special report with the joint efforts of experts from technical colleges and local enterprise representatives. As an organic part of the conference, the exhibition held in the same period brought together the maintenance products of more than 50 enterprises

the main units and products displayed include: state detection fault diagnosis products, fault diagnosis instruments, state detection and offline products of Beijing fayide measurement and control technology company, Beijing Jinghang company, Beijing Aerospace Measurement and control technology development company, and Beijing Puyuan Jingdian technology company; Efficiency source information security technology company's data recovery solution - Data Compass Data Compass; Endoscope of Beijing Yuanzhong optics; Portable electric spark machine and mobile electric spark machine of Beijing Ninghua technology; Electromechanical maintenance tools, equipment and diagnostic instruments of Shanghai Shenmo Electric Co., Ltd; Siemens Tsinghua software institute 863 project MRO, Shanghai Huaxiang computer communication project 7. Finish the experiment and exit the attenuator, load, coupler, coaxial switch of the program Co., Ltd., the Navy integrated support management information system of Haifeng system engineering and technology development company, the data recording and dynamic signal analysis instrument of Hangzhou Ruida digital technology company, the spraying equipment of the maintenance Engineering Research Institute of Xi'an Second Artillery Engineering College Fault diagnosis equipment, various test instruments of Tianjin xince electronic equipment Technology Co., Ltd., test turntables, precision components and test instruments of Jiangxi shipbuilding 6354 Institute, dry body furnaces, pressure calibrators, signal standards, floating ball presses of amertec, binders, lifting belts, tractors and layering systems of Zhejiang Shuangyou logistics equipment Co., Ltd

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