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The milk powder industry has great market potential

people face the elderly and children and the countryside

Mou Jingjun, Secretary General of China Dairy Industry Association, said in an interview recently that while the dairy market is noisy, the milk powder industry, which is currently quite quiet, not only has a market, but also has great potential

the milk powder market needs to be subdivided

Mou Jingjun analyzed that the milk powder market is mainly concentrated in the middle-aged, the elderly and infants, and needs functional segmentation. Functional milk powder is the trend of the milk powder market

taking infant milk powder alone as an example, Ms. Mou calculated that there are about 17million infants in China every year. Even if 80% of them can be breastfed, there are still 20%, that is, 3.4 million infants do not have breast milk and need to be fed with milk powder

after calculation, each child needs 27.2 kilograms of milk powder every year, so the total need is about 90000 tons of milk powder/year. Here, the children under 6 months old are calculated. The older children need about 31 kilograms of milk powder every year, a total of about 110000 tons. In addition, if breast milk is not enough, it will take about 90000 tons to supplement with some milk powder, so the annual infant milk powder market will need 300000 tons. Excluding other factors, 50% of the market also needs 150000 tons. At present, the annual output of infant milk powder in China is only 80000-100000 tons, so it can be said that the market space is still large

vigorously develop the rural market

at present, the consumption level of dairy products in rural areas in China is very low, and the per capita consumption level is only about 1/10 of that in cities and towns. China's rural dairy market is basically a blank. At present, due to the rapid development of liquid milk. Urban consumers pay more attention to the drinking of liquid milk. However, due to the inconvenient transportation and short shelf life of liquid milk, liquid milk in the rural market started late and developed poorly. Milk powder has the advantages of convenient transportation and easy preservation, so it should be vigorously developed. Chang Mou Jingjun pointed out that in fact, people have always misunderstood when the sensor was subjected to the effect of tension P, thinking that the nutritional composition of milk powder is not as good as that of liquid milk. In fact, milk powder is made from pure milk after steaming and drying. Basically, 8.5 tons of milk is evaporated and dried into 1 ton of milk powder. There is no loss of nutrition in this process, but the taste of milk prepared with milk powder is not as good as that of liquid milk. Due to the real-time display problem of the liquid crystal display of solubility, there may be insufficient dissolution, and there will be some precipitation, which will affect the taste, and the others are no different from liquid milk. Therefore, experts suggest that we should change the health concept of rural people, guide them, and develop China's huge rural milk powder market, which is no different from the huge market potential of domestic and foreign brands, so that China's dairy industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and many foreign brands are salivating. In the field of milk powder, about 20 or 30 foreign brands have invested in China, including Mead Johnson, Nestle, Wyeth, etc. Relevant people pointed out that the tariff on imported milk powder in China fell from 25% to 15% last year, resulting in the number of imported milk powder in China being more than 130000 tons last year, an increase of 80% over the previous year. Experts predict that the tariff level will not change much this year. At the same time, Australia, a major milk powder exporter, has suffered a drought this year, which has affected the export of milk powder. Therefore, the import of milk powder will not increase significantly this year

according to Mou Jingjun, the tariff of skimmed and whole milk powder fell the most last year. The tariff of skimmed milk powder fell from 25% to 13.8%, and that of whole milk powder fell from 25% to 17.5%, which had a great impact on the domestic milk powder industry. Last year, the total annual output of domestic milk powder was 650000 tons, and 130000 tons of imported milk powder was equivalent to 20% of the total output of milk powder in China. The competition between foreign brands and state-owned brands mainly focuses on infant formula milk powder. And because its products are expensive, it can only compete in the high-end market

ac Nielsen company recently conducted a survey on the recognition and recommendation of the effect of three kinds of materials on the restoration of molars. In terms of popularity and recommendation, less than 20% choose domestic milk powder

industry insiders said that from the survey results, it can be seen that the popularity of foreign brands is closely related to the sequence of entering the Chinese market, market scale and R & D strength. Most of them are world-famous brands with a long history of research in this field. They are mainly ahead of domestic enterprises in marketing, packaging technology and technical services

Mu Jingjun said that in fact, the dry matter composition of milk itself is certain, and there is no big difference, so there is basically no difference in the composition of milk powder. After the reform and opening up, our milk powder formula is made according to international standards. So in fact, in terms of formula, China's development is not inferior. The difference is that international brands have a long history and high brand awareness. Their marketing is very successful, and their technical services are very in place. For example, when pregnant women conceive, they will take the initiative to train pregnant women on pregnancy precautions and what kind of milk powder they should feed their babies. This is what domestic enterprises lack

she finally pointed out that it should not be avoided that domestic milk powder sometimes has insufficient dissolution due to poor solubility and small particles, which affects some taste, and some milk powder tastes not fragrant enough. The packaging of domestic milk powder is not good enough, which makes the price difference with foreign brands very large. Although the price is low, it does not get the due return. These are all problems that domestic milk powder should actively improve in order to occupy more markets in the face of the impact of foreign brands

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