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Milestone Liugong large excavator participated in the construction of Britain's major infrastructure

milestone Liugong large excavator participated in the construction of Britain's major infrastructure

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◆ on April 5, 2018, two Liugong clg950e large excavators were carrying out foundation crushing operations at an abandoned power plant on the Bank of the Thames River in East London, England, under Queen Elizabeth II bridge

◆ on April 30, 2018, a clg950e participated in the construction of Hinkley point c nuclear power plant project in Somerset, southwest England

◆ on May 11, 2018, when the experimental data were recorded, a clg950e was being demolished at an abandoned railway station in Manchester, northwest England, and the whole machine had just completed the modification of a 30 meter ultra-high arm There are more similar scenes in Britain

◆ at the end of May this year, it was learned from the dealer that two other benchmark customers in the demolition industry decided to purchase two clg950e again

so far, in one and a half years, Liugong clg950e has achieved a total of 15 terminal sales in the UK, and the market share of this level of excavator has reached 18%

Liugong large excavator participated in major infrastructure projects in Britain, which is the first time in the history of Chinese construction machinery

as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, British customers have inherent harsh requirements and "nitpicking" on construction machinery. Whether it is hard indicators such as exhaust emissions, noise control, reliability, construction efficiency and fuel consumption, or soft indicators such as control comfort and safety, they can be rated as the world's highest standards. Caterpillar of the United States, Volvo of Sweden and Nikkei display can get the shape and various experimental parameters of the experimental machine. International construction machinery giants such as Ben Komatsu, Hitachi and Hyundai of Korea have been deeply rooted in the British market. JCB, a more powerful local manufacturer, has cultivated the industry for many years and is familiar with market rules. If we want to compete with them for the large excavator market with small capacity, it is tantamount to grabbing food from a tiger's mouth. But as chairman Zeng Guangan said: "The more challenges, the more motivated people are, which is a kind of spirit of Liugong people.

Liugong excavator clg950e completes the modification of 30 meter ultra-high arm.

due to its high value, customers are particularly cautious in purchasing mainframe, and in the past, they only chose European, American and Japanese brands. As a new entrant, Liugong brand awareness is low, and customers lack understanding of Liugong excavator clg950e product performance, total use cost and secondary residual value information, so they want to develop the market of large excavators The challenge can be imagined. Therefore, European companies and British dealers have customized the marketing strategy for Liugong excavator clg950e. In order to eliminate customers' concerns, at the beginning of listing, a Liugong excavator clg950e open day was first organized, and several potential customers' bosses and operators were invited to personally inspect the layout of the whole machine and experience the controllability and convenience of maintenance. At the end of the activity, several customers expressed their purchase and test drive intentions

subsequently, Liu Gong carefully organized and participated in the biennial plantworx exhibition in the UK, which is the most influential exhibition platform in the UK construction machinery and service industry, with all well-known international construction machinery brands participating. Liugong's two newly developed large-scale new products clg950e and clg877h, which meet the emission requirements of Euro 4, were unveiled together, which can meet the needs of demolition, mining and large-scale earthwork, and fully demonstrated Liugong's confidence, determination and strong strength to seize the high-end market in Western Europe. At the operation demonstration site, Liugong excavator clg950e, with its strong power, excellent performance and professional operation, attracted a large number of visitors to stop and watch every day. After the exhibition, the anti earthquake products based on rubber will be launched one after another, and the car will be shipped to potential customers for test drive

the performance of Liugong excavator clg950e has been recognized by British operators

at the same time, Liugong made a breakthrough from the core customers who are most familiar with the demolition conditions, and made a targeted visit plan for key customers in the region. After in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the working conditions and the preferences of the operators, he cooperated with the excavator R & D team to customize the configuration of clg950e, so as to highly meet the needs of the demolition conditions. Moreover, based on the Polish parts center, the European company has developed a spare parts reserve safety inventory for clg950e, and the dealers have also reserved the corresponding spare parts in advance. Wei Huihui, a training expert from the headquarters, was invited to the UK this week to provide targeted high-level service training for the dealers together with Pang Chao, a service engineer of the European company, so as to improve the ability of the service team to quickly solve problems, so as to make customers happy to buy and feel at ease to use. Through the above efforts, God rewards hard work, and won the first customer's order for three clg950e

since clg950e opened the market door of large excavator, its characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, reliability, durability, safety and comfort have gradually conquered many demolition customers and earthwork customers, and repeated purchase orders are also increasing. At the same time, more and higher requirements are put forward for the configuration and performance of the whole machine. For this reason, Liu Gong put his eyes on the modification of ultra-high arm, which reflects the higher technical level of the manufacturer. This kind of equipment is mainly used to demolish 20-30 meter high buildings layer by layer from top to bottom. Hydraulic shear is the most commonly used accessory, which has high requirements for the safety, handling and stability of the whole machine. Liu Gong contacted an experienced local Refitting Factory, and the two sides had in-depth communication on the working conditions and adaptability of customers to realize the large-scale production of complex plastic parts of batteries. Finally, clg950e was refitted to use both conventional arm excavation and 30 meter ultra-high arm for high-rise building demolition, and the equipment was successfully delivered to customers. The success of this ultra-high arm modification means that clg950e has another segment customer group

Liugong excavator clg950e participated in the crushing operation of power stations

since Liugong entered the UK market in 2013, Liugong European company has intensively cultivated, innovated the marketing mode, and achieved the increase of added value in the whole value chain. European companies are bound to seize the opportunity to do a good job in customer service with dealers, constantly promote the improvement of product technology, and make the marketing strategy more effectively comply with market rules. By paying attention to the development of key customers and segmenting customer groups, they will compete with international brands, and concentrate resources and strength to achieve greater breakthroughs in core countries, core dealers, core customers and core products. Relying on the highly effective team of Liugong Europe, we will continue to work together with all dealers to celebrate the 60th anniversary with a better market share of Liugong mainframe

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