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Zhongrui Finance: the whole line fell by the limit, and Shanghai Jiao became an outgassing barrel for short positions

on the 26th, affected by the decline of Japanese rubber, the contract of Shanghai Rubber 805 opened at a low price of 24580 yuan/ton in the morning. After the opening, the price fell rapidly under the pressure of short positions. Within half an hour, it hit the limit, and the end of the market closed at the limit of the whole line. The position was 47594, a significant decrease of 8696. Trading volume decreased significantly

fundamentals, many Thai traders returned to the market due to the deepening concern about seasonal supply tightening. The high rubber price will also stop Chinese buyers. The molding shrinkage rate is 0.4-0.7%. However, as the supply from Thailand is still in short supply, the fundamentals of the rubber market remain strong. The rubber output of Thailand is expected to decline. As the rubber farmers have stopped cutting rubber in the deciduous period. In addition, the supply of rubber from Indonesia also decreased. Due to seasonal rainfall, manufacturers delayed shipment for several weeks

in addition, according to the prediction of China Rubber Industry Association, China will import 1.9 million tons of natural rubber this year, an increase of 9% over last year, as the tire manufacturing industry is expected to increase by about 15%. The association predicts that China's tire production in 2008 will reach 360million, up from 330million last year. Fanrende said that the increase in tire production will also boost the demand for synthetic rubber. This year, China's synthetic rubber imports will reach 1.65 million tons, an increase of 10% over last year

at present, the overall fundamentals still show a positive pattern, but with the improvement of the technical indicators of the new domestic polycarbonate polyurethane (a) and the original licensed products; ' PCU) gradually shows that the potential glue is about to be cut, and the pressure on the glue price may be increasing

technically, after the Spring Festival, the commodity market showed a general upward trend, especially the increase in oil, sugar and copper. In the case of peripheral commodities rising one after another, Shanghai Jiaotong has been stagnant and obviously weak. However, due to the boost of fundamentals and surrounding commodities, it is estimated that there is little room for short-term decline. It is expected that in the future, there will be a wide range of shocks around yuan/ton, mainly short-term thinking in operation

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