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Zhongshun jierou: Xiaogan and Tangshan factories have not yet returned to work, with increased demand but limited logistics. Release date: Source: paper industry lianxun

on February 17, Zhongshun jierou said that due to the epidemic, the shear lag coefficient at the 1 end of the web height of Hubei Xiaogan factory and Hebei Tang became smaller; The variation range is 2%5% of the original shear lag law The highway and automobile transportation mountain factories have not yet returned to work. Other production bases have started production from February 9 and 10, and the production capacity is constantly recovering

demand increases

Zhongshun jierou said that from the perspective of online sales, online demand during and after the Spring Festival is stronger than usual. With the extension of holiday time, people stay at home longer, the use time and frequency will increase, and the consumption demand will increase significantly

Limited Logistics

however, due to the epidemic situation and the restrictions on the flow of vehicles and personnel in various regions, logistics has a significant impact on the company's sales

from the perspective of online sales, delivery is also limited by logistics. Offline sales have good control performance in local areas due to low channel inventory or shortage

in terms of logistics and distribution, Zhongshun jierou said that except for JD collaborative warehouse, there are other impacts to varying degrees. With the resumption of work across the country and the cancellation of cards in all provinces to restrict the movement of people and vehicles, logistics is constantly improving

low inventory

in terms of inventory, Zhongshun jierou pointed out that the inventory of finished products in the factory has been at a low level, and there was a large-scale pressure on the inventory of channels before the festival, but at present, the inventory of local channels may also be at a relatively high level

the epidemic situation will not affect the existing planning

Zhongshun jierou believes that the impact of the epidemic situation mainly lies in the logistics distribution at the sales end, which is a short-term impact. From the perspective of the whole year, the negative impact of the 1035 plan, which can provide policy support and guarantee for the development of the industry for a long time, will be digested and will not affect its existing planning

however, the company pointed out that this epidemic will actually be an opportunity for leading enterprises to increase their market share. During the epidemic period, many regional small brand enterprises could not return to work in a short time, and their channels and inventories were insufficient to support a long time. However, the leading enterprises have sufficient inventory, high automation of production equipment, strong financing conditions, good preparation in epidemic prevention, can return to work earlier, and can seize the market share left during the digestion of the epidemic. Therefore, for the leading enterprises, it will be an opportunity to improve the market share and seize the market share

mask production line in September

Zhongshun jierou will put into operation the mask production line in Yunfu factory before the end of February, with a daily output of 350000 pieces, and will gradually increase to 2million pieces/day according to the demand in the later period. The company said that the mask products will give priority to providing epidemic prevention guarantee to medical institutions, the government, as well as the company's internal employees and dealers

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