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With the revision of titanium dioxide quality standards in China and the increasing requirements of users for titanium dioxide quality, the existing titanium dioxide process and technical regulations can no longer meet the needs of the new situation. The titanium dioxide plant organized technicians to modify and improve the titanium dioxide process and technical regulations, which will promote the improvement of titanium dioxide quality and market competitiveness

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learned from Nankai University that the existing process and technical regulations of the plant are still the old version of 2006, and have become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the new situation. First, in recent years, the factory has continuously carried out technical transformation and filling up of the original production units, and put into use a lot of new equipment, resulting in changes in process and technical requirements; Second, in 2007, the state revised the titanium dioxide standard when displaying the screw, and the original process and technical regulations were inconsistent with the existing national standards; Third, the product quality of domestic peers and users' requirements for titanium dioxide are constantly improving. Titanium dioxide produced according to the existing process and technical regulations can not meet the market requirements. In order to better integrate with the national standard, improve the quality of titanium dioxide and improve the market competitiveness of products, the factory revised more than 20 raw and auxiliary material indexes such as iron powder, more than 100 process control indexes and several finished product quality indexes. For example, in the main indicators of iron powder quality, in view of the problem that some iron powder processing enterprises use waste steel as raw materials, the Cr content in the produced iron powder is high, which has a great impact on the whiteness of titanium dioxide, the Cr content indicator in iron powder is added; Aluminum powder is also one of the main raw and auxiliary materials of the plant. In the past, the Al content index in aluminum powder was 90%. However, such aluminum powder has many impurities and cannot be effectively removed in the production process, which directly affects the whiteness of finished products and the content of sieve residue. After consulting a lot of data and conducting market research, it is decided to modify the Al content in aluminum powder to 99%, which can not only improve product quality, but also produce certain economic benefits and reduce production costs. In terms of the quality of finished products, users have given more feedback on the fineness of titanium dioxide in our company. The factory has revised the fineness value from 0.10% to 0.05%, and the product market image will be greatly improved

due to the change of process and technical regulations, the post operation method should also be adjusted and changed accordingly. At present, the factory is concentrating manpower to modify and improve the operation methods of more than 20 operation posts. The technicians overcome the difficulties of using 3D printing polymer materials in the aerospace field in the United States due to the tight time and heavy tasks, and work overtime to catch up with the progress. The new process and technical specifications, which are composed of titanium and PCU, and the post operation method are expected to be issued at the end of August

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