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the Low-E coated glass production line project of Zhongrong new dajurun building materials has been steadily promoted. At present, the plant has been completed, the peripheral supporting facilities are under construction, the contracts for low-E coating main equipment, washing machine and indoor crane have been signed, and other supporting equipment are under investigation. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in March 2021

the monthly output of the spandex industry will usher in a new round of capacity release in the future

l recently, the electrical control system controls the rotation of the electromechanical through the explosion-proof buttons sb1-sb6. The ow-e coated glass production line is a deep processing project of Jurun building materials glass. It uses the off-line vacuum cathode magnetron continuous sputtering process to produce single silver and double silver, and reserves three silver high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental friendly Low-E coated glass, which can produce 8million m2 of Low-E coated glass per year. The raw material for production is the original float film of the company, which can ensure the quality of the original film, reduce the transportation cost and reduce the investment. The project focuses on the company's goal of "building a first-class new building materials base", through sharing resources, optimizing product structure, increasing the proportion of glass deep-processing products, extending the industrial chain, and promoting the development of enterprise products to the middle and high end. Relying on the production strength, sales customers and channels of Jurun original glass, the project has a good industrial foundation and broad market prospect according to the prediction of foreign authorities

low-e coated glass, also known as low radiation glass, belongs to category 1 [encouraged] products in the catalogue of industrial structure adjustment (2011 version) issued by the national development and Reform Commission, and meets the requirements of national industrial policies and industrial technological progress. According to the flat glass development plan in made in China 2025 - outline for the development of China's building materials manufacturing industry, "the flat glass industry should vigorously improve the high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection technology of flat glass, and promote the key technology and intelligent production equipment of new energy-saving Low-E glass, hollow glass, intelligent color changing glass, windshield glass, transparent conductive film and other special functional glass (substrate) to reach the international advanced level". In the future, the flat glass industry will develop towards energy conservation and environmental protection. Ordinary white glass will be gradually replaced by Low-E coated glass

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