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China Plastics observation: the international price is stable and the quotation in Hong Kong fluctuates.

I. overall overview:

the quotation of the international pe/pp external market on January 10 has obviously stabilized without any sign of fluctuation. The USD quotation of ABS in Hong Kong market today tends to be stable as a whole, and a few varieties fluctuate. Hong Kong PE dollar is mixed today

II. Overview of the market:

yesterday, the international pp/pe market remained stable. There is no change in price. It is reported that Oman PP drawing 1102k is quoted at USD 1440/T in Qingdao bonded warehouse and USD 1440/T in East China bonded warehouse. The quotation of South China bonded warehouse is slightly higher at USD 1450/T. at present, the transaction is light

today, Hong Kong's ABS dollar quotation is stable. "Dr. Christian Haessler, head of Bayer Materials Technology Asia Pacific innovation and polymer research and development center, said that a small number of varieties fluctuated. Taiwan's Taida fell by $2/T, while Taiwan's Guoqiao rose by $2/T. In terms of PE dollars, Saudi Arabia 218w rose by $10/ton, Singapore 1002kw fell by $4/ton. People from all walks of life are welcome to visit and point out. Saudi Arabia 21hs rose by $13/ton, Taiwan Formosa Plastics 3224 rose by $5/ton, and Saudi Exxon hta001 fell by $18/ton

pvc: affected by improved demand and tight supply, PVC prices in Asia rose slightly this week; The export momentum of the United States region is still strong, and the price of domestic contract goods also rises slightly; North West Europe is generally traded

III. Trend Outlook:

from the observation, the recent international pe/pp outer market has remained stable, the transaction is good, the goods are generally sold, and the traders' mentality is stable; The USD quotation of ABS was stable, and the USD quotation of PE was mixed when purchasing the tensile testing machine. In terms of PVC, the overall market is stable and rising. It is expected that the price will be stable in the near future and there will not be too much market fluctuation

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