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China Plastics index: the continuous rising index of oil price ended and fell again

at 15:00 on January 8, 2014, the asphalt based carbon fiber market of China plastics was 15.3 billion yen (about 800million yuan). Price index:



rise and fall

China Plastics index


↓ 9.43

China Plastics warehouse receipt index


↓ 15.05

China Plastics spot index


↓ 1.36

Thursday (January 7) Oil prices fell $0.52 to $82.66 a barrel. During this period, the plastic warehouse receipt market was consolidated in a narrow range, maintaining the rise and fall in the morning. The spot market quotation has weakened slightly, and the inquiry is light. At 15:00, the China Plastics index closed at 1069.36 points, down 4.56 points from 10:00 a.m., down 9.43 points from the previous trading day

in the morning today, the impact of the sharp fall in the market on yesterday's date was still on the minds of investors. The main warehouse receipts opened at a medium low level as a whole, and the early market was mainly volatile, with a slight decline. There were not many transactions in the market, and the order volume decreased slightly. After 10 o'clock, with Liansu diving again, the warehouse receipt price also fell again, and the decline was further expanded. The decline of PP far month varieties generally exceeded 200 points, the market transaction was active, and the orders were further reduced. At 11:30 a.m., the trading ended, and the warehouse receipt index fell 4.70 points compared with 10:00 a.m. In the afternoon market opening, the main warehouse receipts oscillated and extended, maintaining the rise and fall level of the early closing. The volume of transactions in the market segment was seriously reduced, and the order was temporarily stable. From the perspective of the market, the most important and long-term lack of sexual warehouse receipts was the line. The support below was strong, and the traders' wait-and-see mentality appeared after two days of sharp decline. The China Plastics warehouse receipt index was at 1003.41 points, down 5.52 points from 10 a.m. and 15.05 points from the previous trading day. Today, the warehouse receipt market is generally traded, and the trading volume and order volume have declined to varying degrees

the ex factory quotation of domestic petrochemical industry today, and the price of some PVC brands increased by 200 yuan/ton. In the spot market, the raw material market quotation of Yuyao plastic city showed that the individual brand of PP fell by yuan/ton, the individual brand of PE was adjusted by yuan/ton, the individual brand of ABS rose by yuan/ton, and the individual brand of PS rose by 100 yuan/ton. The change experiment machine equipped with piezoelectric load sensor has the following advantages: the China Plastics spot index reported 1146.97 points, down 2.09 points from 10 a.m., down 1.36 points from the previous trading day

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