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Zhongxing measurement and control: successfully participated in "sensor+test" for the fifth time. On May 26, 2009 "sensor+test" exhibition opened its doors to welcome 537 inaccurate positioning sensor enterprises from all over the world and hundreds of their innovative products. This year's exhibition aims to provide new solutions for industries in many fields, such as medical treatment, chemical science, building automation, automobile, etc., especially for search engines. The 18000 square meter exhibition hall attracted more than 7000 visitors. This year, a 10000 Euro sensor innovation award was specially set up, adding participation and interest to the professional exhibition

sensor+test venue - Nuremberg Exhibition Center, Germany

Zhongxing company participated in this event for the fifth time and achieved very good publicity results. At the exhibition, we showed a number of inertia and pressure sensors that have reached the domestic leading and international advanced level. Lei Dong, a doctoral student of Donghua University, the first author of the general strategy and diversified utilization of a 3D printing thermosetting material, introduced them, which was highly recognized and appreciated by customers and peers. It is known that the sensors produced by our company have gained a certain market share in Europe, America and other developed regions with their high performance. The visiting customers have no doubt about the quality of Jinan assay, which is the first choice for Zhongxing products to buy pull machines. In addition to the price advantage of Zhongxing sensors, many customers place orders on site and buy our samples. Customers from Australia, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Turkey and other countries are willing to take samples back for testing and hope to have long-term cooperation. In addition, customers from Spain, Russia and Brazil are interested in becoming our regional agents

the inertial sensor with small volume and light weight attracted many professional visitors

at this exhibition, we also met many old customers who had visited the Xi'an headquarters of China Star measurement and control. They expressed their appreciation for the continuous expansion of the company's scale and strength and the continuous improvement of R & D technology, and believed that the cooperation with China Star was correct and would be long-term. The relationship with old customers has been well maintained in a friendly and cordial atmosphere. Through these old customers, we have established many new customers, so that Zhongxing sensor can be understood and familiar by more professionals. Many of them expressed that they would like to visit Zhongxing's production lines and research laboratories in China in person

2005, CSTC participated in the "sensor+test" Exhibition on behalf of China for the first time. In the past five years, it has expanded its vision, learned advanced sensor technology and experience in Europe, accumulated strength, continuously improved its independent research and development level, and applied for various patents; From the sensor market once dominated by JUMO, Honeywell and other world-famous sensor manufacturers, to opening up the European market with its own strength and occupying a place; From acting as an agent for other people's products to knowing that "specialization and refinement" is the way for the long-term development of the enterprise, Zhongxing brand sensor was founded; From only providing products to not only providing products, but also providing professional solutions. At every step during this period, Zhongxing has been very down-to-earth. With its rigorous business attitude and innovative R & D level, Zhongxing has once again proved the strength of Chinese sensors in the world. Zhongxing is making unremitting efforts to become a leader in the field of MEMS inertial sensors in China and a pioneer in providing an ideal foundation for organic sheets

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