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At the beginning of last year, Zhongshan launched a battle with Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces for the Asian packaging center. Although Zhongshan finally missed the Asian packaging center, its leading position is still unshakable

linzhaoguang, Secretary General of Zhongshan packaging and printing industry association, said in an interview that the scale of Zhongshan's China packaging and printing production base will be expanded by 1000 mu on the current basis, and more famous packaging and printing enterprises at home and abroad will settle in

Linzhaoguang, the largest packaging and printing city in China, said that although the Asian packaging center has settled in Hangzhou, it has not yet formed a scale in terms of the current situation, and the China packaging and printing production base in Zhongshan has gathered nearly 50 various packaging and printing enterprises, involving various packaging and printing fields such as paper printing and packaging, plastic packaging, jewelry packaging, carton packaging, packaging materials, printing and plate making. These enterprises are composed of a wide range of enterprises, including collective enterprises, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises. Their economic benefits are generally remarkable. In 2002, the output value of the packaging and printing industry was more than 2.5 billion yuan. Later, it appeared in the eyes of the public like a magic, crossing the time and space, accounting for 10% of the total industrial output value of the region, and achieving more than 100million yuan in profits and taxes. It has become a packaging and printing industrial city with the largest scale, the highest technical level and the best economic benefits in China

the output value in 2005 reached 6billion

the base is ready to double the output value in terms of packaging materials and packaging machinery. Linzhaoguang said that there are more than 20 printing and packaging enterprises and scientific research institutions in the base, including Zhongshan Hongxing packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Zhongrong paper printing products Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Dafu plastic packaging, Zhongshan Huanya plastic packaging, Zhongshan Zhenxing carton packaging, Zhongshan Chengqian printing, Zhongshan Laili plastic packaging, Zhongshan United Plastic Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Amgen environmental protection packaging and Zhongshan packaging science and Technology Research Institute, It involves paper printing and packaging, plastic packaging, environmental protection packaging, container packaging, jewelry packaging, packaging machinery and other soft and hard packaging fields, with an annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan, mainly made of starch based plastics and biodegradable plastics

there are also a large number of packaging and printing projects under construction, including the second phase expansion project of Zhongshan Hongxing printing and packaging company, Zhongshan Fuzhou viscose products company, Zhongshan Oriental printing company, Zhongshan printing plate making company, Zhongshan Yilong packaging machinery company, etc. It is estimated that by 2005, the total annual industrial output value of the packaging and printing enterprises in the base will reach 6billion yuan, and the profits and taxes will reach 500million yuan

Linzhaoguang said that Zhongshan Hongxing and Zhongshan Zhongrong paper printing products Co., Ltd. have world-class offset printing production lines and supporting equipment, such as Roland 900 six color plus light all open computer printing machine and Heidelberg CD74 five color printing machine, which have been designated as core suppliers by many famous multinational companies. The base development committee has also built the China Packaging Center building and the packaging and printing equipment trading center, providing a good platform for base enterprises to exchange business, technology and equipment with their counterparts at home and abroad

at the same time, China's packaging and printing production base actively strengthens international and domestic exchanges and cooperation, and continuously improves the radiation power of the base. Since its establishment, the base has successively undertaken a series of activities such as the international packaging and printing development seminar and the working meeting of the Secretary General of the National Packaging Association, and has held two packaging and printing industry exhibitions, which has promoted the exchange and cooperation between the base and domestic peers and expanded the base's influence

add another 1000 mu of land

linzhaoguang said that we will hold the second international packaging seminar while adding another 1000 mu of land around the packaging center. We will invite suppliers of packaging raw materials and packaging machinery to promote the development of investment promotion through the seminar. In addition, the base holds the spring tea investment promotion meeting in Hong Kong every year, and has achieved good investment promotion results

at present, the base has a large number of newly introduced projects under construction, such as Zhongshan Weida Printing Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Chaoxing paper products Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Fuzhou Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. The base development committee will continue to make full use of the base's industrial agglomeration advantages, policy advantages, transportation and geographical advantages, as well as the low VOC product research advantages of the polyurethane varnish technology of talent science, strengthen investment attraction, and promote the base's large-scale, intensive and international development, Strive to build China's packaging and printing production base into a large-scale packaging production base with "first-class equipment, first-class technology, first-class management and first-class benefits"

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