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Decoration step index: (1) main body renovation

decoration step index

(1) main body renovation

(2) Hydropower renovation

(3) pipe wrapping

(4) tiling

(5) Carpentry (Yakou, etc.)

(6) oil painting

(7) wall painting or wallpaper

(8) installation of socket panel

(9) kitchen and bathroom ceiling

(10) cabinets

(11) installing finished doors

(12) installing lamps, sanitary ware Bathroom hardware

(13) installation of clothes hangers and window rails

(14) floor

(15) land reclamation and cleaning

(16) furniture and household appliances

(17) curtains and bedding


(I) tools in place and ready

before decoration, several things that must be prepared must be put in your bag

tape measure (buy 5m, not 3M), calculator, large board clamp (for sheets and receipts)

in addition, it is best to prepare old towels (soft cotton ones, which are used to wipe bricks after sticking bricks) and plastic bags (wrapped around the pipe interface to prevent dirt from blocking).

(II) choose a auspicious day and start shooting.

before workers enter the site, it is best to measure the corners of the home in person,

take a pen and ruler and mark them clearly. Don't be lazy

specify the area involved in the decoration process. In particular, the tiling area, wall paint area, wallpaper area and floor area

define the main wall dimensions. Especially in the future, we need to design the wall size of furniture

(III) main body demolition and renovation to make the space more practical

main body demolition and renovation is the first project, mainly including wall demolition, wall building, wall peeling, heating (North), plastic steel window replacement, etc

the demolished and modified garbage should be cleaned out in time to ensure indoor cleanliness, which is also for the convenience of construction

at this time, it is time to fix the finished door

at this time, it's best to browse through the cabinets, range hoods, stoves and water heaters, and try to make sure

(IV) Hydropower transformation, arrange the use of each space

hydropower transformation, there is no regret medicine to eat. Once the wall and ceiling are sealed, it is difficult to add sockets

therefore, the exact positions of switches, lamps, basins, bathtubs, washing machines, etc. must be determined

before the water and electricity transformation, the cabinet designer should come to the door for the first measurement to help you determine the transformation plan of power supply and waterway

for the water heater, you'd better send someone to design the position of the power supply and the water supply and drainage interface according to the model you determine

remind you: on the wall under the basin, it's best to leave a power socket for the convenience of installing kitchen treasures

the air conditioning hole and power supply should be placed on the wall at the head of the bed as far as possible to avoid the air conditioning blowing directly at people in the future

a distance of 20 cm should be kept between strong current and weak point. For example, a distance of 20 cm should be left between socket and network cable

(V) wrap the riser, wrap the ugly pipe

considering the damp and humid environment in the kitchen and bathroom, the material of wrapping the riser must not be wood keel

be careful, even if the wooden keel is painted with anti-corrosion paint

remember to use light steel keel or red brick for the riser. Light steel keel saves place, but the most solid and easy to use is red brick

at this time, you need to buy ceramic tiles, jointing agents, etc.

furniture should be set in advance, and the construction period should be kept at least 15 days, generally a month or so

add, don't wrap the pipe where there is an access hole. In case of water seepage, you can't find the reason

(VI) tiling, the first thing with solid texture

before tiling, you should buy a floor drain

note: the floor drain should be bought at the local supermarket. Buy a special washing machine or shower floor drain, and it should have anti odor function

after waterproof and roughening, prepare to stick bricks

normal tiles should be soaked in water and dried in the shade before pasting; Broken tiles are left for cutting

please set aside a surplus before buying bricks

at this time, you should determine the water basin and faucet, and invite the cabinet designer to come to the door for the second time

at the same time, you should buy paint (mixed or clear), wall paint, nitro paint, diluted water, etc. if you stick wallpaper, you should also make a good order first

(VII) the oiler goes to the battle, scrub, scrub

there is nothing to say about brushing the wall. Whether the effect is good or not depends on the skill of your painter

the good adhesion of primer can make the wall smoother, make the finish paint easier to brush, and reduce the use of finish paint. Moreover, the excellent sealing property of the primer can effectively resist the penetration of alkaline substances in the wall, prevent the precipitation of water-soluble salts, and prevent the wall from returning to alkali

we need to remind you that if you want to paint the color on the wall, you must pay attention to the color matching. The color you call out should be lighter than the color card, and you must not be the same as or deeper than the color card, otherwise you will regret it

because when brushing the wall, the finish paint should be applied at least twice, and some should be applied three times. The color of the wall will be darker and darker

different people have different opinions on whether the painting method is spraying or rolling. It is said that the effect of spraying is better, but once there is damage, it will become extremely difficult to repair the paint

if you don't buy finished doors, let the worker master do it

note: any carpentry work, even if it's just a pass, must follow this step. The big core board sinks to the bottom, and the decorative panel is veneered before painting

when mixing oil, it is absolutely wrong to brush oil directly on the big core board. Don't believe the nonsense of some big core board sellers. It's no problem to brush oil on it directly

remember, if you brush oil directly, it will all crack in a short time. Remember

now when mixing oil, you don't need to brush it, but spray it. Best, let the workers spray white on the inside of the door and the meter box together, which is not wasteful but beautiful

(VIII) wallpaper, beautiful wall

after the wall paint is brushed, the oil union will brush nitro paint on the place where the wallpaper needs to be pasted, and the paint will dry out the next day, and then you can ask the master to paste the wallpaper

at first, I was worried that pasting wallpaper would dirty the painted white wall. Later, I learned that pasting wallpaper is really a very clean job! Worry is completely unnecessary

note: do not open the window for ventilation within 48 hours after the wallpaper is pasted, and let it dry slowly in the shade

tell the master that if there is a warping in some places, please ask him to help repair it

at this time, it's time to buy panels, sockets and lamps

(IX) install the socket panel

the socket panel can be installed in about half a day

1. It is best to buy a socket with switch function, especially in the kitchen, so that electric cookers and microwave ovens can be free from plugging in and out of the power supply, and can be controlled with a switch

2. Although the socket with switch is good, we should pay attention to its practicality

according to my observation, for a five hole power supply with a switch, the three sockets are flat. Once your appliance needs a round three, there will be a depressing situation of empty sockets with plug boards

therefore, multi-purpose socket must also be used, even if it is not controlled by switch

at this time, you should buy the ceiling used in the bathroom and kitchen

at this time, if you need to install Yuba, please buy and install the

(x) kitchen and bathroom ceiling in front of the ceiling, seal the last ugly part

first install the water heater and Yuba, and after installation, the edge of the ceiling can better half pack the water heater, that is, more beautiful connection

it is best to buy aluminum gusset ceiling. Even if it is removed after many years, it is worth a lot of money to sell waste aluminum

on the contrary, PVC gusset plates are good-looking, but their quality and performance are average, and plastic things are not worth much even if they sell waste products

when buying gusset boards, ask the price of the whole package. Don't buy gusset boards separately. But the installation fee is extra

(XI) install cabinets, and a beautiful overall kitchen is born.

cabinets are a matching project, and you should make an appointment in advance for range hoods, stoves and sinks

it is best to send it on the same day and install it together with the cabinet

tell the cabinet factory in advance to bring the man-made stone table at the position of the cut stove and the sink together

n things with a lot of money should not be given to the manufacturer for nothing. It's very useful to pack a water meter, pipe or something

(XII) installing finished doors

finished doors should be installed before the floor, mainly because the door installation steps are complex, including hinges, door locks, door suction, door frames, etc., and many tools are used. If the floor is installed first, bumps are difficult to avoid

my home is to install the floor first and then the door. There are many small pits on the floor, which hurt me

(XIII) install clothes hangers, curtain rods, lamps, sanitary ware, bathroom hardware

it is recommended to complete these items with a lot of ash before installing the floor

(XIV) install the floor

the floor must be leveled before installation. Seeing that many neighbors' floors are useless for leveling, I was also careless

I didn't expect that after the floor was paved, the aisle collapsed and was very depressed. We had to dismantle it and lay it again after leveling it with quick powder

prepare a little pepper in advance. Don't buy the so-called insect killing powder brought by the floor workers. Let them sprinkle it along the kick corner

workers must not cut the floor in the house, cut it in the corridor, and finally clean the corridor

(XV) land reclamation and cleaning

I think the biggest embodiment of cleaning is cleaning the glass

it's a frightening thing to climb out and wipe such a high building by yourself

next is floor waxing. You should buy the wax yourself. It's cheap and easy to use, but you must use a clean waxing machine, which is dozens or hundreds of times faster than manual work

for the rest, I don't think they need to rely too much on cleaning. They just scrape here and there with small blades, which is not so smart

therefore, after cleaning, it's best to do careful cleaning again by yourself. Go to the supermarket to buy a bag of "five cleaning powder" and get some old towels

use an old towel, stained with dry five cleaning powder, and wipe it house by house from the pass to the door, from the tile to the kick corner. Don't be lazy, and the result will definitely make you proud

(XVI) furniture and home appliances enter the market

furniture bears the brunt of a new home. Bed, mattress, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, sofa, dining table, etc

before entering the site of furniture, the following items should be prepared: disposable shoe covers (don't buy poor quality ones, which will break if you step on them), several boxes of activated carbon, ladders, floor protective film (it's best to protect the floor when carrying wardrobe, TV cabinet, etc.)

if you buy a cloth bed, remind you to see if all the cloth can be taken down

home appliances should be delivered quickly. It's OK to wait for those who are in short supply or are not in a hurry. Anyway, electrical appliances are getting more and more advanced and cheaper

(XVII) with accessories and decorations, the home has a taste.

with the embellishment of decorative paintings, coupled with beautiful curtains, the gentle taste of the home comes out

don't spend too much money on accessories for curtains. Curtain heads and lead pendants must be added, but lace, cloth buttons and ears, these eight yuan and those ten yuan, cost an extra twenty or thirty yuan per meter. It's unnecessary, and it doesn't look good




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