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Enterprises have a certain understanding of the topic of caution. If door and window enterprises want to survive and carry out in the fierce professional competition at that time, they should innovate appropriately, pay attention to the portrayal of product image and after-sales service, so that they can have an advantage in the competition

first, door and window enterprises constitute a broad consensus of enterprise civilization

there are two forms of door and window enterprise civilization in Enterprises: one is called spontaneous existence; One is conscious existence. The shape and phenomenon of enterprise civilization exist in enterprises. As soon as an enterprise is born, it will form operation ideas, handling guidelines, some basic principles when dealing with customers, etc. in the process of operation and development. These contents are the shape of enterprise civilization. Different door and window enterprise civilizations can be divided into spontaneous and conscious, high-quality and inferior, that is, there is no difference. If the enterprise does not know that civilization exists spontaneously, it will not consciously audit the enterprise civilization, and will not scientifically analyze the existing civilization comprehensively, and then refine the new civilization. The civilization of some enterprises is a rough, leisurely and spontaneous situation, which is very risky

second, enterprise civilization needs to be quickly combined with the reform of standards

it is necessary to follow up the reform of enterprise standards and enterprise system in a civilized manner. In the future, civilized follow-up can have two effects: one is that the advanced civilized soul guides the direction of standard innovation and ensures the scientific nature of standard innovation. On the other hand, it can ensure the employees' consciousness of fulfilling the standards under the new standards. Civilization leads and ensures the norms, so civilization decides the norms under the conditions at that time

in order to establish a modern enterprise, it is necessary for door and window enterprises to have modern enterprise standards. Rough and original management can never reach the norms of world modernization, and it is difficult to integrate with the world. In addition, the criterion is by no means unique, and it cannot be absolute, which will make door and window enterprises go to the extreme. The code really plays a vital role in the construction of modern enterprises. Why are some standards unscientific, but the enterprise is slow to change and not in place? After the reform, why can't the standards be implemented in place in the future? The reason is that civilization is not in place. Norms are combined with civilization, and civilization plays a leading role. Civilization is the condition and foundation for the transformation of norms

III. The person in charge of the enterprise needs to improve the consciousness of civilization construction

personalization is the vitality of the door and window enterprise civilization. Due to different occupations, or the same occupation in different local environments, different historical traditions, different system forms, different staff qualities, and different times of entering the market, the enterprise civilization is also different

the enterprise civilization of doors and windows is the civilization of the person in charge of the enterprise in a certain sense. The more an enterprise operates independently and has more independent rights, the greater the responsibilities of entrepreneurs. The civilization of an enterprise is a constitution of the enterprise, and the person in charge of the enterprise is the legal representative. He cannot but be responsible for the constitution, and his perseverance cannot be excluded from the constitution

the person in charge of the door and window enterprise should continue to be geographical and understand the enterprise practice. If the person in charge of the enterprise cannot continuously improve the quality of theory and rational consciousness, then the construction of enterprise civilization will always be in the original state, maybe a little

now, many companies will focus on corporate civilization as the core of their development. For the development of door and window enterprises, civilization construction is very important. An enterprise without civilization as a support is just an empty shell, which is difficult to carry out substantive development. Only by integrating civilized elements into the development of door and window enterprises, can they use civilization to guide enterprises to carry out in the right direction. In the era of fierce competition, civilization is a powerful weapon to promote the development of door and window enterprises

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