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Ms. Guo, a resident of Taiyuan, has just renovated her old house. After checking in, she found that the ceiling design of the open kitchen was unreasonable and the lampblack could not be discharged. However, when negotiating with the home decoration company, the other party said that Ms. Guo had confirmed the original design scheme, and the project supervisor had no objection, and was unwilling to reinstall it for Ms. Guo free of charge. However, Ms. Guo has some defects in her home, and the supervisor is also a green light. Ms. Guo thinks that the supervisor set up by the home decoration company is a decoration. During the three-month decoration period, she only received two calls from the supervisor and never met at all. How does the home decoration supervisor work and what does he help the owner control

with Ms. Guo's question, the reporter of Shanxi Evening News interviewed Wang Ping, manager of the current decoration company. Wang Ping said that the supervision work set up by the home decoration company has two contents: first, according to the project quality inspection process, go to the construction site to check the quality problems at each project node; The second function is that the owner finds problems in the construction and reflects them to the company. The supervisor goes to the site to investigate the situation and correct the problems. In the construction quality tracking stage, the supervisor goes to the construction site periodically, and the owner is not necessarily at home, so the supervisor often does not see the owner. Ms. Guo reported that the ceiling problem belongs to the problem of home decoration design. Such problems include quality problems, which can be fed back to the company in time. As long as it is a regular home decoration company, it can support and cooperate with Ms. Guo within the warranty period. Every company will encounter the problem that the owner confirms the design and Engineering in the early stage and finds problems in the later stage. Usually, experienced home decoration companies will remind the owner of the adverse factors before the construction of some special projects

according to the reporter of Shanxi Evening News, the supervision of home decoration companies mainly has the following functions:

first, quality control, to prevent "tofu dregs" project. The supervisor should ensure the decoration of high-quality houses from both materials and technology. Without good materials, no matter how good the technology is, the projects made are all "tofu dregs" projects. Similarly, if we only have good materials and no good technology, we will waste good quality building materials

the second is to control the construction period, so that the owner can move in at ease. Failure to deliver the house on schedule is also one of the most frequent complaints from owners. The qualified supervisor will control what the decoration company does first and then do. It will be strictly implemented according to the project progress, and strict inspection will be carried out after the completion of each project to ensure that the owner will receive the house within the agreed period

most of the project supervisors in the home decoration market in provincial cities are the quality supervision departments of home decoration companies, which escort the quality of home decoration of the company. The independent home decoration supervision company is still in its infancy

Shanxi Evening News reporter Rong Zibing





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