The hottest industrial sensor market enters multi

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With the announcement of the Nobel Prize in physics recently, the discussion on CCD image sensor and other related technologies is in full swing. CMOS and charge coupled device image sensors, which are widely used in mobile devices, have also received widespread attention from the public. However, in the industrial field, visual sensors are only one branch if you suspect that the detector causes noise. Industrial sensors are also used. In addition to the above, there are also industrial systems in the transportation process, including HVAC, motion control, hydraulic system, robot and so on

for industrial equipment, accurate measurement has always been a key requirement, and the volume of devices and the ability to resist harsh environments are also more prominent. Industrial sensors perform a variety of measurement tasks, including acceleration, pressure, torque, temperature, position, velocity and level. With the development of world industrialization and the rapid development of automation technology, the acceptance rate of this batch of products has been improved, and the growth rate of industrial sensor market is also soaring year by year

with the expansion of the market, it is worth noting that the design and manufacturers of sensor devices used in industrial equipment not only include sensor professional companies, such as American fast-growing sensor technology company (AST), macrosensors and mtssensors, especially the domestic capacity of lithium hexafluorophosphate, but also semiconductor companies, such as analog devices company, Dallas Semiconductor Company, Meixin integrated products company and TI company. The participation of more enterprises will undoubtedly accelerate the multipolar development of the industrial sensor market

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