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Introduction to the application of serial communication in Central China CNC system

now with the popularity of CNC programming software, the importance of serial communication is becoming more and more prominent. Because the program generated by NC programming software is very long, it is slow and tiring to input it into the system by hand, and it is easy to make mistakes, so most users will use serial port to transmit it into the system. If there is a problem with serial communication, it may greatly affect the work efficiency. Because of the above factors, the central China CNC Century Star CNC system provides a serial communication (RS232) interface, which is used to transmit programs between the CNC system and personal computers

next, based on my personal work experience, I will briefly talk about the possible problems and solutions of serial communication

1. Before serial communication, first check whether the transmission line is intact. The specific method is to measure with a multimeter. The connection method of century star directly to the computer transmission line should be,,,,,. If equipped with DNC unit, it can be directly connected to the computer through the interface of DNC, but it should be noted that there are two welding methods for the internal cable from DNC unit to Century Star: the first is the foot, which is directly connected in pairs, and the second is the foot, which is cross welded. If the internal is the first type of two by two direct connection, the connection method of the external transmission line should adopt the foot. The cross welding of the foot also provides the connection of various equipment information; If the internal is the second kind of cross welding, the connection method of the external transmission line should be foot to foot direct welding

2. Confirm whether the serial port function of century star has been opened

3. Confirm whether the client software installed in the PC is up-to-date. If the client software is not the latest software and cannot communicate with century star, it is recommended to try with the latest client software

4. Confirm whether the parameter settings in the client software are the same as the serial port parameters in century star. If they are inconsistent, they cannot communicate; After setting the parameters in the client software, you also need to set a computer port attribute. The specific method is: right click and do not deform my computer to select the attribute. In the hardware device manager, double-click the port. Here, you need to make sure whether you are using the COM1 port of the chassis or the com2 port that can greatly improve the forming speed of parts. If it is the COM1 port, double-click the COM1 port to view the port setting, The parameters in it should be consistent with the parameters in the client and the serial port parameters in century star. If they are inconsistent, it is easy to cause data loss during transmission or the connection between century star and electric alarm is not good

5. If the above four points are correct, and the communication still fails, please check whether the serial port of the personal computer is broken (if it is an old chassis, there should be two serial ports, one of which cannot be replaced by the other. Now most of the newly equipped chassis have only one serial port); Or check whether the internal serial port data transmission line of century star is loose

6. Special attention should be paid to that when the connection between the computer and century star is normal, it is best not to plug and unplug the data transmission line. Improper plugging and unplugging of the data transmission line may cause the system master. Let's study the serial port on the board. Once the serial port is damaged, it can only be returned to the factory for maintenance, and the maintenance time will be relatively long

the above points are only personal work experience and are only for your exchange and reference. (end)

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