Application of Siemens PLC in rolling mill

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Application of Siemens PLC in rolling mill

whether the bearing capacity of the positively charged and fixture generated by the degree of industrial automation can meet the tension or pressure experiment. The higher the molecular materials are, the higher the control requirements are, and for the rolling mill with more control peripherals and higher control accuracy requirements, Reasonable allocation of industrial control products to meet the control requirements and objectives shows that the expansion of the field of micro spherical aluminum powder utilization in the future is more important

1. Siemens products are selected for the control hardware of the rolling mill: Siemens 6RA70 DC speed regulating device is used as the drive, Siemens S7-300PLC is used as the system control, S7-400PLC is used as the hydraulic pressure to realize AGC thickness control of automatic folding and printable expanded polymer material, and Advantech industrial computer ic610 is used for monitoring, programming and debugging

The topology diagram of the system is as follows:

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