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Industrial software: build a bridge of integration

at present, the intelligent and automated production in different fields such as steel, cement, machinery, automobile, petrochemical and so on has improved efficiency and quality, which is due to the special debugging of industrial software by the after-sales personnel of manufacturers, which generally does not cause problems and is widely used. As the entry point, breakthrough and important starting point for the coherent detection of the steel of the two chemical integration hydraulic universal testing machine, industrial software plays an important supporting role in the implementation of the two chemical integration strategy, and is of great significance for promoting China's industrial transformation and upgrading and maintaining stable and rapid economic development

support the smooth progress of the integration of industrialization and industrialization

industrial software has played a huge role in promoting the adjustment, transformation and upgrading of traditional industrial structure

in recent years, China has successively issued a number of policies to support the development of industrial software, creating a good environment for the development of industrial software. In 2011, the scale of China's industrial software market has reached 61.634 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 17.9%, much higher than the growth of the global market. Experts predict that the average annual compound growth rate of China's industrial software market will reach 19% in the next three years. It is expected that the market scale will reach 103.746 billion yuan, mainly in the middle and low end of exports to developed countries, by 2014

at present, on the basis of independent innovation, China's major industrial software manufacturers have developed a large number of software products that adapt to the characteristics of China's industrial enterprises, meet the needs of enterprises, have advanced technology and excellent performance, and have been widely used in machinery, petrochemical, steel and other industries. These industrial software products have played a great role in promoting the digitalization, automation, networking and management modernization of enterprises, and promoting the adjustment, transformation and upgrading of traditional industrial structure around the links of industrial product R & D and design, process control, enterprise management and marketing

Wang Wei, Deputy Secretary General of the industrial software industry development alliance, divides industrial software into five categories, including product research and development, production management, production control, collaborative integration, and embedded software. He said: among these five types of industrial software, China has relatively excellent enterprises. In the product research and development software, domestic enterprises show an upward trend and have the ability to seize the market; In the production management software, UFIDA, Inspur and Kingdee in China have developed rapidly in recent years, and have formed a competitive situation with foreign giants; Among the production control software, domestic enterprises such as Zhejiang zhongkong, Hollysys and Baoxin have closely combined production automation with localization and achieved good results; In terms of embedded software, ZTE, Huawei and Haier have taken the lead in the world. At the same time, Guangzhou CNC, Shenyang machine tool, Nari, Sifang Jibao and other core industrial software enterprises have also entered the fast lane of development

there is an urgent need to work in high-end fields

with industry working towards high-end manufacturing, industrial software must increase investment in high-end automation and other fields

the rapid development of industrial software is gratifying. However, the relevant person in charge of the software service department of the Ministry of industry and information technology pointed out that there are still many problems in the development of domestic industrial software at present, and there is still a long way to go in the future

Professor Yang Haicheng, chief engineer of China Aerospace Science and technology group, once said: there is no problem with the appearance design of many industrial products in China, but the core technology is missing. At present, a considerable part of China's leading industrial products, including high-end industrial products, are developed on the basis of introducing and digesting foreign products, and the ability of independent innovation is relatively weak

Wang Wei believes that there are some core and key problems restricting the development of the entire industry in the development of industrial software in China: first, China has not yet been recognized by the international standards; Second, core technologies are controlled by others, especially in high-end aviation equipment, nuclear power plants, and petrochemical industries; Third, the synergy effect of the industrial chain has not been brought into full play; Fourth, the ability of independent innovation needs to be further improved; Fifth, the current situation of talent shortage has not changed

although the overall strength of China's industrial software needs to be improved, Chen Ying, deputy director of the software service department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, believes that the entire industry should strengthen confidence. He said: after 10 years of development, the scale of China's software industry has reached 1.8 trillion yuan. Now we are in the middle of industrialization, and it is also a critical period of economic restructuring and industrial upgrading, which puts forward urgent requirements for industrial software. At the same time, industrial software is different from other software. It is closely combined with industrial process and manufacturing. At present, a monopoly system similar to PC market has not been formed, which is conducive to domestic enterprises to participate in competition

therefore, in order to realize the healthy development of China's industrial software, we need to do a good job in three aspects:

first, the development of industrial software not only requires the relevant departments to guide by optimizing the industrial environment, improving the policy system, and comprehensively coordinating the organization, but also requires industry organizations and associations to actively and effectively integrate resources, effectively connect enterprises, users, and the government, and make all parties work together for the development of industrial software from different roles

second, the development of industrial software should focus on the research and development of high-end technology

third, the development of industrial software should ensure the safety and stability of industrial production. In the field of industrial control software components, China has not yet formed a safety and reliability evaluation system, as well as functional safety evaluation standards and testing institutions in various industries

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