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Since last year, Qingdao has taken the lead in proposing to build a strong city with Internet industry. Using Internet and industrial integration and innovation has become the primary choice for Qingdao enterprises to explore the way of transformation. Some people even think that it has become a Qingdao phenomenon, and behind this phenomenon, industrial software and Internet technology have become the heroes behind it

whether it's Haier, which has achieved modular customization of household appliances, red collar, which has personalized customization of clothing, or enterprises such as Sailun Jinyu, Desheng machinery, CSR Sifang, which have first practiced intelligent manufacturing, whether it's public research and Sandi spacetime, which has built a number of open Internet interactive platforms such as rubber research service platform and 3D printing platform, or soft control shares that are famous for the overall solution of intelligent factories, We can see the shadow of industrial software and feel the strong influence of Internet +

highlights of industrial software

industrial software is of great significance to Qingdao, and it plays an important role in the process of Qingdao's transformation from a large manufacturing city to a strong manufacturing city. The "opinions on promoting the construction of Qingdao national software and information service industry demonstration base and promoting the leapfrog development of the software industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") issued by Qingdao Commission of economy and information technology in 2012 clearly pointed out the need to innovate and develop industrial software and industry solutions. We will focus on supporting the R & D and industrialization of embedded operating systems and application software in key areas such as industrial equipment, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communication networks, transportation, environmental monitoring, IOT, etc., build an embedded system industry chain, and build an important domestic embedded software industry base. Focusing on the key links of industrial production such as R & D and design, production control and management, and sales services, we will focus on supporting the R & D and promotion of software such as computer-aided design and manufacturing, manufacturing execution management system, integrated manufacturing system, process control system, product life cycle management, and green manufacturing, so as to create a digital and intelligent industry. Accelerate the formation of a number of industry solutions and improve the level of industry informatization

thanks to its strong home appliance manufacturing foundation, Qingdao embedded software has become a highlight of the software industry. The data shows that by the end of 2014, six sub industries, including software products, system integration, information technology consulting services, data processing and operation services, embedded system software and IC development, had achieved business revenue of 6.93 billion yuan, 18 achieved resource sharing of 570 million yuan, 17.23 billion yuan, 18.14 billion yuan, 39.24 billion yuan and 3.79 billion yuan respectively, and embedded software was the top. In January this year, the revenue of embedded system software was 15.801 billion yuan, an increase of 22.7% year-on-year

according to the Qingdao Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, with the help of industrial software, Haier and Hisense rank third and seventh among the top 100 Chinese software enterprises in 2014 respectively; Neusoft carrier and Hisense network technology have been recognized as key software enterprises in the national planning layout for five consecutive years; Hisense network and software control Co., Ltd. were selected into the top ten leading enterprises in information services in the transportation industry and the top ten leading enterprises in information services in the manufacturing industry in the 2013 awards selection of China's software outsourcing and information technology service industry, respectively. The smart community solution of Longtai Tianxiang Technology Co., Ltd. was selected into the smart community excellent solution. Hisense network technology's intelligent public transportation system accounts for 70% of the national market share, and intelligent transportation system accounts for 40% of the national market share; The tire production management and control integrated system developed by soft control shares accounts for more than 60% of the national market share; Dingxin communication has developed a low-cost and environmentally friendly carrier communication chip made of new hydrogel materials, accounting for 50% of the national market share

Internet + stimulate industrial vitality

in the interview, I felt that the Internet thinking has deeply branded Qingdao's industrial circles. Whether manufacturing enterprises or software enterprises, their enterprise development, industrial development and technological development vision are standing at the new height of Internet +. While Internet + has risen to the national strategic level, Internet + as a lubricant is also accelerating the deep integration of Qingdao's industrialization and industrialization, and accelerating Qingdao's transformation from a large manufacturing city to a strong manufacturing city. The development of Internet industry proposed by Qingdao is also based on its own manufacturing advantage industry and brand foundation to promote the in-depth application of new generation information technologies such as Internet, IOT, big data and cloud computing in all fields of industry, so as to stimulate industrial vitality and promote industrial transformation and upgrading

being big but not strong is a true portrayal of China's tire industry. However, Qingdao Sailun Jinyu is not content with the current situation of this industry. As China's first A-share listed private tire enterprise, Sailun Jinyu took the lead in applying the tire enterprise management and control network system in the industry, comprehensively realizing the digital management and intelligent control of tire production from PCs, MES, ERP and other levels, and built the first domestic radial tire information production demonstration base. Jin Fuguang, head of the IT R & D Department of Sailun Jinyu Group Co., Ltd., told China electronic news that through the four aspects of intelligent R & D, intelligent production, intelligent storage and intelligent services, the company applies the integration of manufacturing technology and digital technology, intelligent technology and network technology to the whole life cycle of design, production, management and service, and uses the big data cloud platform for perception, analysis, reasoning Decision making and control realize the dynamic response of product demand. Through the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization covering the whole life cycle, the enterprise's operating costs have been effectively reduced, the product development cycle has been further shortened, and the efficiency of new products from R & D, trial production to market is expected to increase by more than 70%. In addition, production efficiency, product quality, energy efficiency and management level have been improved. Jin Fuguang said

Qingdao tedai new energy Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao tride Electric Co., Ltd., a leading domestic box type power equipment company. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, installation and service of new energy vehicle charging system and equipment, as well as the sales, leasing and maintenance services of new energy vehicles. With the help of Internet thinking, special call has constantly innovated its business model, that is, the equipment is free of charge for the construction of some advanced tensile machines in the market. In addition to the above items, it is free of charge. By charging charging service fees, it can achieve flat or low profits, and complete the transformation from selling products to selling services. Next, by building an intelligent charging service cloud platform integrating charging, interconnection and car service, the business of special call will further expand to o2o e-commerce, Internet finance, automotive after-sales services and value-added service markets, thereby bringing more profit growth points

Internet thinking is also reflected in the business development of Sandi spacetime in Nuggets' 3D printing market. For 3D printing, although it has been labeled as a disruptive innovative technology in the future by the industry, the current development is still thunder and rain. In this regard, Li peixue, chairman of Sandi spacetime Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview with China Electronics News that the key to the current development of 3D printing industry is not technology, but application is not popular enough. How to popularize the application? Li peixue thought of Internet +3d printing. By building an industrial chain ecosystem, 3D printing technology can benefit more enterprises and individuals

the development of 3D printing technology is bound to move towards the distributed 3D intelligent manufacturing of interconnection + 3D printing. The so-called distributed 3D intelligent manufacturing is to obtain the 3D printing needs of users from different regions in China through interconnection and information collection of service platforms, then classify the needs through the big data integration of service platforms, and even decompose the big needs into several small needs with fast execution speed, and hand over the needs to 3D printing service institutions through subcontracting, Finally, the completion result of the whole demand is fed back to the demander through the service platform. It can be said that Internet +3d printing is an opportunity and foundation for the explosive development of 3D printing industry. People can exchange and learn 3D printing knowledge, share 3D printing product experience and expand business channels on the Internet. Li peixue said. This innovative business model also makes Li peixue full of confidence in the industrial development in the next few years

the bottleneck of high-end talents needs to be broken

the software industry is an intelligence intensive industry, and the importance of talents is particularly prominent. Su Fengqin, vice president of Qingdao Haitian Weiye Automation Control System Co., Ltd., was deeply impressed. The company is committed to becoming a leader in the field of industrial control information security in China. However, compared with the network information security in the traditional field, the threshold of industrial control information security is higher, and the demand for compound talents is greater. Su Fengqin told China electronic news that at present, the company has software copyrights of many core technologies in the field of industrial control information security. In particular, in April 2014, the company launched the first domestic guard series industrial firewall with independent intellectual property rights, which filled the gap in the field of industrial information security in China and built a safe environment for the operation of industrial control systems from the network level. As a new generation of industrial protocol enhanced firewall, guard series industrial firewall has many innovative technologies: a variety of common industrial communication protocols and controller models are built in; The innovative ip free industrial isolation technology makes itself without IP address, and can hide the IP address of back-end devices, so that intruders cannot find the attack target; Intelligent early warning analysis function; Implementation, no need to stop, no need to change the original network structure. Su Fengqin said that the current performance of the company is inseparable from talent introduction and training

for Qingdao software industry, the importance of talents has been widely recognized in the industry. The opinions issued in 2012 attaches great importance to the construction of talents, which points out that it is necessary to improve the supporting policies for talent introduction, training and use, innovate the talent training mode, broaden the talent introduction channels, cultivate and introduce a number of high-end leading talents, international talents and applicable talents, and form a high-quality talent team with reasonable structure and meeting the needs of industrial development. By 2016, the number of employees in the software industry in the city will exceed 200000

according to the Qingdao Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, in the past three years, while the software and information service industry in the city has maintained a rapid development trend, Qingdao is also constantly strengthening the training of software talents. Promote the introduction of high-end software talents by implementing talent policies such as the measures of Qingdao for the introduction of high-level talents to start new businesses and development; Actively coordinate with colleges and training institutions to set up corresponding majors and strengthen talent training. Qingdao University has signed a cooperative school running agreement with NIIT, an internationally renowned software training institution, with an annual enrollment of 500 people; Promote the vigorous development of various R & D centers and talent training bases, and further deepen the combination of production, learning, research and application. Institutions such as the joint DEM Engineering Simulation Laboratory of Shandong University of science and technology, and the software talent training and entrepreneurship base with 10000 people trained by youth software have been completed one after another

industry expert Ding Xiangqian, leader of the 863cims expert group of Qingdao manufacturing informatization and professor of Ocean University of China, told China electronic news that whether it is industry 4.0 or made in China 2025, it is an opportunity for Qingdao to become a manufacturing city. Of course, Qingdao also faces challenges in the process of applying software technology from a manufacturing city to a strong manufacturing city, The lack of compound high-end talents in the software industry is one of the important points

in terms of software high-end talent reserve, Qingdao is still relatively weak, especially in the field of industrial software. With the in-depth development of intelligent manufacturing, industrial software for other composite talents

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