The hottest industrial salt turns into edible salt

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Industrial salt "changed" into edible salt and flowed into Shenzhen's outer packaging, almost as if it were genuine

rough industrial salt was processed and turned into iodized salt for daily consumption. Counterfeiters imitated the packaging of regular edible salt, and industrial salt flowed into citizens' tables in this way. Recently, Shenzhen citizens reported that the parking lot in Wanfeng village, Shajing street, Bao'an District has long stored a large amount of counterfeit edible salt processed from industrial salt and has entered the market. Bao'an branch of Shenzhen Salt Bureau went to the reporting point and found 3600 kilograms of fake iodized salt made from industrial salt. But the owner of this batch of fake salt is unknown. Bao'an salt bureau is investigating the processing shops and sales channels of fake salt

industrial salt processing edible salt, dare you eat it? I dare not! In addition to a series of problems caused by components, you @way jiefa Weibo said that in Wanfeng village, Shajing street, Bao'an District, small workshops process industrial salt into edible salt for sale. Contact this friend, Mr. Pan, who lives in Wanfeng village. He found many woven bags and cartons stacked in the Tin Shed in the parking lot behind the Chenguang road garbage station in Wanfeng village. Open the carton that says iodized sea refined salt, which is filled with 500 grams of edible salt, and the woven bag next to it is filled with industrial salt that is coarser than sand. Edible salt and industrial salt were stacked behind the garbage station. Mr. Pan realized that these salt might be fake salt. He called Bao'an Market Supervision Bureau and the street without results. Finally, he posted the fake salt on Weibo

then came to the parking lot behind the Chenguang road waste transfer station in Wanfeng village. At this time, the industrial salt stacked in the Tin Shed had been emptied. It was found in the tin shed that there were still uncleaned fake edible salt and large pieces of industrial salt left on the ground. A bag of fake edible salt was marked with Guangdong salt industry, and there were also reports of salt related violations, so it was difficult to distinguish it from fake salt. Mr. Pan said that the Sheriff of Wanfeng village found someone storing salt here at the end of 2012, but it has not been reported. Residents near the parking lot said that they often saw trucks pulling goods into the Tin Shed of the parking lot in the morning, but they didn't know it was fake salt. The main idea is to strengthen the connection and cooperation of all departments and all aspects. On the wall of the tin shed, I saw the notice of assisting in the investigation of salt law enforcement posted by the Shenzhen salt bureau. The notice said that 3600 kilograms of illegally purchased counterfeit salt products were temporarily withheld in the parking lot, and the parties concerned were required to assist in the investigation and provide the bills for purchasing salt products and certificates for operating salt products. The notice book should be sent to the owner of this batch of salt. Because the party cannot be found, it can only be pasted on the wall

after Mr. Pan posted the fake salt on his microblog, the media paid attention to the requirements suitable for transportation and loading. The staff of Bao'an branch of Shenzhen salt bureau came to Shajing Wanfeng village and temporarily detained this batch of fake salt. Captain Li Yongwang of Shenzhen Bao'an branch of salt affairs told them that at present, but now the components of this kind of material can be found on different models of mini. 3600 kg of fake salt products made of industrial salt and 150 kg of industrial salt in bulk are temporarily withheld. The parties were not found during the on-site law enforcement, and the surrounding residents also said they did not know. At present, they are investigating the source and sales channels of this batch of fake salt. We will strengthen management in the future. The parking lot for storing fake salt belongs to Wanfeng village property. The staff in charge of property management of Wanfeng community neighborhood committee said that the parking lot was not rented out for use. After finding someone storing fake salt privately, their community also pulled two pickups to bury it, and said that management would be strengthened in the future

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