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Industrial robots: technology creates infinite possibilities

Guide: over the years, industrial robots have developed from relying on fixed programming to realizing specific tasks to using the combination of sensing vision and other technologies to provide certain feedback on the execution of workpieces and the external environment, which greatly improves the flexibility of application, thereby creating a highly cost-effective finished composite sandwich material. Today, the integration of industrial robots with new technologies such as vision is making them more intelligent

the rapid rise of industrial robots in the Chinese market has brought considerable opportunities to many robot manufacturers. Industrial robot technology is a key technology in the process of China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. The increasing attention paid by the state to the upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry has promoted the application and R & D activities of industrial robots in China

in the kingdom of automation, many subdivisions show the same feature, that is, the correlation between technological progress and application expansion, which is no exception for the emerging industrial robots. It can be said that the development of industrial robot related technology is creating more possibilities for it to enter the market

technology integration promotes intelligence

looking at the development of industrial robots, it is not difficult to find that the continuous deepening of the degree of intelligence has always been an important direction of its development. Over the years, industrial robots have developed from relying on fixed programming to using the combination of sensor vision and other technologies to achieve specific tasks. They can give certain feedback to the execution workpiece and the external environment, which greatly improves the flexibility of application

today, the integration of industrial robots with new technologies such as vision is making them move towards a more intelligent direction. At the automation exhibition of the 2011 International Industrial Expo not long ago, FANUC robot, with its perfectly integrated vision system, performed the performance of picking up workpieces such as distinguishing color and shape, and became a typical demonstrator of this development trend

in this regard, Chenyan, deputy director of general industry sales department of FANUC robot Co., Ltd., said that one of the characteristics of FANUC robot is that it can fully integrate vision technology into industrial robots, and its application is more simple and flexible. Because of this, we can see such a colorful robot to distinguish color and shape. In fact, the integration of vision technology and robot technology is not only the only way to promote the intellectualization of industrial robots

for example, advanced motion control technology is now also serving industrial robots. Due to the use of cutting-edge technologies such as path interpolation and anti jitter, the motion trajectory of industrial robots is becoming more and more smooth and accurate. In this regard, the development and integration of technology continue to improve the performance of robots, and their applications have been further expanded

so, will more and more intelligent robots open up a new situation

replace labor

according to a new industry report on January 6, 2012, in the lobby of a large hotel in Manhattan, New York, an ABB IRB 6640 articulated arm industrial robot has been used to help guests access luggage, and its work is completely comparable to that of a real server, "Wardle explained. Not long ago, the news that Foxconn, a famous international OEM manufacturer, developed and produced robots in large quantities also received high attention, which also brought new thinking to the already hot topic of industrial robots. How far is it for industrial robots to replace human beings

in fact, from many perspectives, the difference between industrial robots and ordinary artificial labor is still very obvious. Their respective characteristics determine that for a considerable period of time, there is still an obvious emphasis on the posts and functions of the two services. Whether from the perspective of industrial overlap, the degree of intelligence, or the actual comprehensive cost, the current installed capacity growth is still only as a special production equipment. Industrial robots directly replace a large number of industrial workers, and many tools will need a period of preparation. Nevertheless, it is indeed a general trend for industrial robots to use their own advantages to play a new role in more and more industries

for example, for a long time, the application of industrial robots is mainly concentrated in the automobile manufacturing industry, and has a high correlation with the development of this industry. However, in recent years, the advantages of robots have become more and more obvious, and the types of robots have become more and more abundant, and the industries they serve have naturally become more and more diversified. The industries opened by robots include not only electronic manufacturing, photovoltaic manufacturing, etc., but also customized production lines in many industries

there are many examples in the upper level of the Chinese market. For example, in the project of an electric energy meter detection line in Weifang, Shandong Province, the electric energy meter transported from the outside needs to be transported to the beginning of the detection line by machinery. In order to meet this requirement, the system integrator used two new industrial robots to complete this work on the compact detection line

the system integration negotiation of the project said that an important reason for the application of industrial robots in this project is that the detection line of electric energy meters has very strict requirements for the cleanness of the environment. In addition to the necessary maintenance, personnel should try to avoid entering the production line. Moreover, due to the large number of tested products, there are high requirements for work efficiency, and industrial robots can carry forward these advantages to meet the requirements

it can be seen that with the integration of advanced technology, more and more robots have advantages that are difficult to achieve manually, which may be the real opportunity for the rise of industrial robots

more technical preparations

the large-scale application of industrial robots actually needs more technical preparations. At present, the research and development direction of many advanced industrial robot manufacturers coincides with the direction of these technology preparations

one of the directions is that the design requirements of industrial robots in shape and other aspects are constantly improving to adapt to the application environment with special needs. For example, in order to meet the requirements in some food and even pharmaceutical industries, some industrial robots adopt clean design. According to Chen Yan, Vice Minister of general industry sales department of FANUC robot Co., Ltd., FANUC robot has a series of special food industrial robots that have passed health certification, which can meet the special needs of the food industry; It is understood that abb Robotics Department has also recently launched a clean robot, which is specially used in electronics, solar energy, medical and other industries. For example, for some production environments with compact space, the shape of industrial robots also needs to be cleverly designed to occupy the smallest space when working

for industrial robots, another important development direction is undoubtedly the openness and flexibility of the system. The control system of robots needs to be more and more open, and robots also need to be more conveniently integrated in various production lines. No matter in simple or complex applications, seamless integration is very important, which has also become an important research and development direction of many robot manufacturers. For example, Mr. zoutao, the chief operating officer of KUKA robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said that in order to make industrial robots more versatile, KUKA robot adopts a general-purpose hardware platform, so that it is no longer limited by the application of special modules, which also exactly confirms the concept of KUKA robot to make automation simpler

in addition, with the further widespread application of industrial robots, the related technologies of industrial robot maintenance and equipment management will also become one of the focuses of the industry, which is directly related to whether the comprehensive cost and availability of industrial robots can be reduced. Only when the majority of users use, manage and maintain the technical foundation of industrial robots, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. gives you a platform to play your part, and the foundation is greatly enhanced, it is the sign that industrial robots really break the barrier

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