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Talk about cotton, nature and people. The 2020 brand tour of the cotton era kicked off in Xi'an

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on August 8, the 2020 cotton era changed the world "cotton, nature and people" theme exhibition. Following the opening of Shenzhen, the second stop landed in Xi'an momopark. During the exhibition tour, you can not only enjoy the photography exhibition of master yoshihihiko Ueda, but also regain the pure touch brought by nature; Walk in the "cotton of the earth, natural cotton, home cotton" zone, and understand the value of cotton to mankind and the earth; You can also participate in canvas bag DIY and spinning bike marshmallow while watching and playing. Through temperature, in-depth graphic images and interesting interactions, the cotton era hopes that more people will understand cotton, fall in love with cotton, and participate in the action of cotton to change the world

moved by the persistent concept of cotton in the all cotton era and the overall thinking characteristics of the entrepreneur of the founder, Mr. Li Jianquan, who insisted on making up weaknesses, strengthening advantages and promoting promotion, the first Chinese brand cooperated by Japanese palace photographer yoshihihiko Ueda chose the all cotton era

in order to record the life course of cotton, Mr. yoshihihiko Ueda traveled to the cotton field in Xinjiang, spanning three quarters and 300 hours, and recorded the cotton seedlings struggling to grow in the dust storm, the cotton buds blooming in the heat, and the cotton fibers in the harvest season. Planting cotton turns the desert into an oasis, and cotton itself is the best reward for land and workers

cotton of the earth, natural cotton, and home cotton

as a brand focusing on making cotton products, the cotton era has a more thorough understanding of cotton. Founder Li Jianquan personally summarized the ten benefits of cotton, natural, breathable, comfortable, and sustainable... Cotton is the core raw material of all products in the cotton era, and it is also the best carrier of the brand concept of peace of mind, happiness, and sustainability

therefore, at the exhibition site, in the all cotton era, from time, space and why is this dark horse of materials favored by the automotive industry? The human dimension, in particular, sets up three regions, namely, the cotton of the earth (Sustainability), the cotton of nature (peace of mind), and the cotton of home (happiness). From different perspectives, explore the relationship between cotton and nature, cotton and life, and interpret the whole ecological value of cotton

cotton, with an altitude of more than 3000 meters and more than 12 hours of sunshine every day, is a textile fiber that grows naturally without any processing. From the morning when you open your eyes to the sleep when you say good night to each other, soft and warm cotton products make life return to nature

interesting interactive canvas bag DIY, spinning bike marshmallow

during the tour on August, you can also participate in many interesting interactions on site, feast your eyes on their own, and its output characteristics are also ladder shaped. At the same time, you can teach children what cotton seeds and cotton seedlings are, so that children can know that cotton buds can change color, and mature cotton wadding can be used to make clothes and quilts...

interesting canvas bag DIY, Use your favorite way to doodle or dye, feel the natural flavor of life, and take it home for free after making it

in the second half of this year, the cotton era cotton changing the world cotton · nature · man theme exhibition will continue to open in major cities across the country. From cotton fields to cities, and from nature to life, the cotton era hopes to bring more friendly changes to the earth's environment and people's lives through its own continuous efforts, so as to form a virtuous cycle of multi-purpose cotton and a variety of cotton. When more people join the cotton life, the cotton vision of changing the world will become no longer far away

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