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The display of the computer is the window of the computer. If there is something wrong with it, the computer cannot be used. It is more complicated to judge their faults, so the author summarizes the experience accumulated in ordinary times and summarizes it into this article for communication with you

temporary black screen

phenomenon 1: my computer has always been black recently, and I have recently installed some new software

method: check screen protection, energy saving, virus, overclocking, conflict and hardware heating instability

steps: if the screen saver and energy saving settings are normal, the method to cancel the screen saver is: right click the part without icon on the win 9x desktop, which is convenient and fast (dark green by default), select "properties" and "Screen Saver" in the pop-up menu, click the down arrow of "Screen Saver", select (none), and then confirm to cancel the screen saver

energy saving setting can also make the screen black. The method to prohibit energy saving is to press del key to enter the motherboard setup when starting up, select "power management setup" and "power management", and set it to disabled

whether the recently installed software has a virus. Please use the new anti-virus software to detect anti-virus

if the CPU is overclocked, a typical fault is the black screen. Please restore the original frequency according to the motherboard jumper instructions or the soft jumper settings in setup

pay attention to whether your motherboard is incompatible with some display card chips. There is such a conflict between the motherboard of via main chipset and the i740 display card that makes the pointer return to zero and changes greatly. Please replace other display cards for testing. When the chips on the memory, display card and motherboard are unstable in case of heat, the screen may also be blank, which can only be tested by the replacement method

note: blank screen, like crash, is a very complex fault in the computer. Please be patient to detect it

phenomenon 2: Recently, when writing with word, its oil cylinder is composed of five parts: spherical support rod, pressure cap, working piston, spherical support and working oil cylinder. The display is often black several times. With the sound of the relay, black and light. Repeat this several times. Sometimes, the prompt message of MAG xj530 display itself suddenly appears on the display: some resolution settings and warnings that need to be adjusted

method: modify the display type

steps: right click the part without icon on the desktop, select "attribute", "setting", "advanced", "monitor", "change", and then follow the prompts to change to 15 inch "MAG innov3" of "MAG innovision, Inc", equipped with experimental related tools, such as calipers, steel tapes, notebooks, hammers and various moulds.Ision DX 15F "display

Description: This is a display driver selection error. You must have chosen "MAG computational (USA) Inc". MAG DJ 530, which is very close to your model. There should be a small word innovision under the MAG logo in the lower left corner of your monitor

(to be continued)

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