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Delta and GKN Automotive in the UK jointly accelerate the development of a new generation of electric vehicle Edrive electric drive system

China industrial control industrial control information delta and GKN Automotive in the UK jointly accelerate the development of a new generation of electric vehicle Edrive electric drive system

the new generation of three in one Edrive electric drive system that will be put into production in the next three years will continue to cope with the rapid expansion of the huge scale of the market

in Li, CEO of GKN automotive It usually produces some appearance defects under the injection molding process. Mr. am Butterworth (first from the left) and Mr. Zhang xunhai (first from the right), the chief operating officer of GKN automotive Epower train business, Mr. Hannes prenn (second from the left) and Mr. Tang Xiuping (second from the right), the deputy general manager of Delta Electronics and the general manager of electric vehicle solutions business group, signed a letter of intent to jointly develop Edrive electric drive system on behalf of both parties

on January 20, Delta Electronics and GKN automotive, a British electric vehicle transmission system supplier, jointly announced that the two sides will cooperate to develop a new generation of three in one Edrive electric drive system, with a rated output power range of Volvo from 80 kW to 155 kW. This three in one system integrates Delta's motor driver with GKN Automotive's drive motor and transmission system, which can reduce the weight and volume of the system, effectively simplify the assembly process and improve quality. Delta and GKN automotive specialize in power electronic products and electric drive systems respectively. The cooperation between the two is expected to significantly improve technical capabilities and shorten the time to market

Liam Butterworth, CEO of GKN automotive, said: with more and more stringent carbon emission regulations, the market has higher and higher requirements for suppliers' technical capabilities, and the Edrive market has therefore developed rapidly. The cooperation with delta allows us to expand our product portfolio, provide a new generation of three in one Edrive integration system, demonstrate our ability to quickly introduce new technologies with cost advantages into the market, and establish important milestones

avoid causing major accidents

Zhang xunhai, chief operating officer of Delta Electronics, said: we are very happy to cooperate with leading enterprises such as GKN automotive. Delta has been actively developing electric vehicle solutions, providing the market with electric vehicle transmission systems including drive motors, motor drivers, on-board chargers, dc/dc power converters, and diverse electric vehicle charging equipment, The three in one Edrive system development cooperation will be conducive to the transformation of low-carbon transportation

gkn Automotive is a tier 1 supplier in the automotive industry. It has 17 years of professional experience in Edrive system development and integration. So far, it has produced more than onemillion sets of Edrive systems, and continues to grow rapidly in the market. Delta has been deeply involved in the field of power electronics for nearly 50 years, providing many vehicle manufacturers around the world with a high-quality and complete portfolio of electric vehicle power electronics products. This cooperation will further enhance GKN Automotive's position as an industry-leading supplier of full system electric powertrain, and strengthen Delta's leading position in the design, development and supply of drivers and power electronic products in the field of electric vehicles

this new cooperation will focus on the development of two sets of new Edrive electric drive integration system series products, which can be applied to the next generation electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles with different torque and power levels. It is expected to be invested in the production of various models from small saloon cars to Su before raising the piston V within three years, providing a variety of torque output from 2000 nm to 3800 nm, and the rated output power is between 80 kW and 155 kW. These two new three in one Edrive electric drive system series products will cover most of the new energy vehicle Edrive electric drive system market in the future, and the output value of this market is expected to exceed 12billion pounds by 2030

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