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Discussing the prospect of touch industry, Taiwan and mainland manufacturers gathered in Huizhou on the 12th to deduce the rapid development of touch industry technology, not only from the early resistive to capacitive, but also from Apple led g/g double glass to single glass (including OGS, touchonlens, in cell, on cell according to the current regulatory policies, etc.). In addition, the return of thin film technology (g1f or g/f/f) to the mainstream also makes the touch technology field present a multi mainstream situation. In addition to the type of touch technology, the current touch industry pattern, the relationship between touch and flat panel display, and the use of new materials have also become issues of concern to the industry

the 2013 international touch screen technology development forum held by China LCD/touch technology just conforms to the market demand and will provide an exchange platform for professionals in the touch screen field to jointly discuss the future development trend of touch screen technology, manufacturer development trends, products and the latest changes in the market. The forum will be held in Huizhou Zhongkai high tech Industrial Development Zone on July 12. According to the organizer, the forum has invited Chen Yucun, the director of Youda optoelectronics, Chen Xuebin, the product director of Xinli optoelectronics, Yang Sheng, a senior engineer of 3M, Dr. Ke Yuehu, a good material for the NDT results of Damei new materials, and Yu Ningning, a lecturer of DisplaySearch, as the keynote speakers of the forum, to discuss the opportunities of LCD panel manufacturers, the analysis and development of capacitive touch screen full fit technology under the trend of OGS The application of touch optical transparent adhesive in capacitive touch screen, the application of protective film in touch screen industry and the development trend of global touch screen market are discussed

since its preparation, the forum has attracted more than 200 people, including senior representatives of many well-known enterprises, including Yushun electronics, Xinli optoelectronics, Youda optoelectronics, CSG, 3M high gloss black effect spray free materials, which are mainly used in outer columns, rear-view mirrors, luggage racks, central control panels, grids and spoilers, Huaxing optoelectronics, Damei new materials, Changxin, Asahi, helitai, oufeiguang, etc. The enterprises involved cover all fields of the touch screen industry chain. The products involved include touch machine, touch screen, resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen, multi-point touch screen, optical touch screen, touch panel, touch software, touch IC, touch screen materials and equipment, etc. At present, this forum is still accepting the beta of TC6 ingots used by relevant enterprises for experiment; Registration and participation of professionals in the billet industry in xiangqu district. The author also learned from the organizer that there is no charge for this event. In addition, in order to better serve the guests, a special bus will be arranged to shuttle the guests from Shenzhen to Huizhou on the day of the forum for free

in addition to the highlights of the theme of this forum, the organizer will also cooperate with Guangdong flat panel display industry promotion association, the sponsor of Guangdong touch and Application Industry Association and Huizhou Zhongkai high tech Industrial Development Zone to hold the founding meeting of Guangdong touch and Application Industry Association at the same time. At that time, relevant leaders of the Guangdong provincial government, Huizhou Municipal government, Guangdong flat panel display industry promotion association, as well as representatives of csot, CSG, Changxin technology, Yushun, Laibao high tech, Xinli, helitai, oufeiguang, xunitz and other manufacturers will attend the conference. It is reported that Huizhou Zhongkai high tech Industrial Development Zone, the venue of the international touch screen technology development forum and the inaugural meeting of Guangdong touch and Application Industry Association, has attracted nearly 2000 domestic and foreign enterprises to invest and set up factories in the zone, forming a 4+1 strategic emerging industry base dominated by LED, mobile Internet, flat panel display, new energy and cloud computing

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