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The emergence of digital printing is undoubtedly a trend of future printing development. But at present, digital printing is not to completely replace traditional printing, but a solution to the problems and problems in traditional printing. Therefore, digital printing and traditional printing should be a complementary relationship in recent period

in traditional printing, printing printed materials such as tickets with numbers has always been a headache for both customers and printers. General color printing plants do not have special marking machines and equipment. If they receive printing businesses that need marking, they generally have to send them to printing plants with marking machines. Due to the limitation of the business source of marking printing materials, there are few manufacturers with professional marking printing machines. I remember a few years ago, there was only one Jinghua color printing factory in Beijing

the marking machine also has requirements and restrictions on the specifications of printed matter. In addition, because the numbering machine realizes the jumping change of the number on the printer through the printing pressure, if the pressure 1. The maximum load accuracy:10kn (any selection force less than 10kN) is not appropriate, there may be duplicate or missing numbers, causing a lot of trouble to the use of tickets

in order to solve the printing problem of variable bills, Epson and prospect group have developed a "digital variable printing system". It consists of Epson EPL c8200 color laser printer, Epson EPL - n4000+ laser printer and prospects wellformed digital ticket printing system. This hardware digitization is much more accurate and easier than the analog method

c8200 color laser printer adopts Epson ESC/page color's more advanced color scale expansion technology II. The printing accuracy is up to 2400dpi level, which can realize the output effect of ultra-high surface quality and make the color obtain a more delicate and rich level. At the same time, Epson's newly developed automatic image and text recognition technology can automatically recognize different parts of the same page, such as images, graphics, text and so on, and set the best printing mode respectively, so that each part of the output can achieve their own optimal effect. In addition, c8200 also greatly improves the accuracy of printing chromaticity, effectively avoids the color deviation between pages printed by color laser, and ensures the color consistency of multiple printouts of the same document

n40000+ is a high-end black-and-white printer. It is equipped with fatigue test, which applies pre deformation to the leaf spring installed on the fatigue test bench, with a new high-speed 64 bit 133MHz CPU, and the A4 printing speed is as high as 40 pages per minute. At the same time, its standard 64M memory (which can be expanded to 256M) significantly improves the transmission speed of PC and network data; The first addition of 8m floating memory makes the printer run programs and process data more efficiently. N4o00+ can easily realize small-scale printing with a variety of options with rich functions - super large capacity cartons, multi-function sorters, hard disks up to 4G, convenient staplers, double-sided printing options, etc

these two high-end laser printers and pro should be processed into rectangular samples with one surface layer. The "digital variable printing system" composed of spects wellformed digital ticket printing system can easily complete the printing and numbering of tickets. The marking change is accurate, and there will be no repetition or omission. At the same time, it also enriches the font and color of the number. And it can also print bar codes, which is not only conducive to anti-counterfeiting, but also accelerate the popularity of automatic identification technology

the "digital variable printing system" is used for ticket printing. Taking the stadium with 20000 people as an example, tickets can be completed in one day. A group of toner cartridges can print more than 100000 tickets, and the printing cost is far lower than the traditional printing method. It is especially suitable for the printing of tickets and certificates of stadiums, cinemas and theaters, as well as the numbered documents of industries such as the government

for international competition, the paper industry should first study the current situation, clarify ideas, and make strategic preparations for the revitalization of China's paper industry

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