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Comments on the plastic warehouse receipt of the treasure island Stock Exchange on December 29

the warehouse receipt of the treasure island stock exchange reported that today, polypropylene and linear varieties rose across the board, with ll0903 rising by the limit. The settlement prices of pp0904 and ll0904 were 6381 and 7440 yuan/ton respectively, up 83 and 155 yuan/ton respectively compared with yesterday's settlement. A total of 1737 batches (8685 tons) were traded throughout the day, a decrease of 47 batches compared with the previous trading day. The total order volume reached 2534 batches, and it has high conductivity and thermal conductivity (12670 tons), a decrease of 119 batches compared with the previous trading day

upstream dynamics:

nymex2 monthly crude oil futures closed up $2.36 at $37.71 a barrel overnight. As of 16:00 on December 29, Beijing time, February crude oil futures rose $1.68 to $39.39. Ethylene monomer: FOB Korea reported $538.0/ton, up $3/ton, FOB Japan reported $538.0/ton, up $3/ton. Propylene monomer: FOB Korea reported US $461.0/ton, FOB Japan reported US $459.0/ton

polypropylene varieties:

the main pp0904 opened sharply higher at 6450 in the morning, and fell back after touching the highest of 6470 in the day, and the end was sorted out narrowly around the average price line; The lowest level fell to 6340 in the afternoon and rebounded to close at 6399 in the late afternoon

message side:

(completely clean the oil tank 1) external market: the international PP market will continue to be closed on December 26, and there is no closing price for the time being

(2) domestic market: there are few early quotations in the PP market around Yanshan. Sinopec sells at a fixed price, and there are few goods released recently. Middlemen are not optimistic about the future market, do not leave inventory, and focus on fast in and fast out. Local T30S is still available at 7100 yuan/ton. The atmosphere in the PP market in Tianjin was cold in the morning. There were not many local resources, but the demand was also relatively poor. Middlemen said that there may be more imported materials declared after entering January, and they are not optimistic about the future market. At present, T30S produced in Qingdao is reported to be 7100 yuan/ton

(3) manufacturer quotation/device dynamics: Maoming Petrochemical PP plant line 1 produces EPC30R-H and line 2 produces n-t30s. Today, T30S and n-t30s are reduced by 250 yuan/ton to 6950 yuan/ton for settlement, and are sold at the settlement price. The PP plant of Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. switched to wire drawing T30S on December 26. At present, the plant has resumed normal production at full load. PetroChina South China PP was sold at a fixed price today, and the drawing T30S was reduced by 200 yuan/ton to 7000 yuan/ton. Fujian United PP plant produces T30S. Today, the listing price is reduced by 30, which can bring greater economic benefits to the plant from 0 yuan/ton to 7200 yuan/ton

technical aspects (polypropylene and two):

(1) price situation: the medium-term trend of shock decline, which is in the shock bottoming market in the short term; Today, it rose higher and fell back, and finally it closed up significantly

(2) K-line shape and double quantity: take out the small Yin line with shadow line. The trading volume decreased and the order volume decreased slightly

(3) moving average (5,10,20), support pressure: on the daily line, there is no obvious signal in the moving average system; On the 60 minute line, the moving average system returns to the long pattern. Reference pressure 6470, 6550, support 6340, 6200

(4) indicators: MACD (26,12,9) tends to bond below the zero axis, and the 60 minute line shows a multi head shape below the zero axis; KD (9,3, for the benefit of all amputees 3) rose slightly in the oversold area on the express line, and bonded in the middle area on the 60 minute line

brief analysis and suggestions:

the overnight oil futures and electronic disk temporarily stabilized, and the spot price declined. Approaching the new year, middlemen are mainly engaged in light warehouse operation and fast in and fast out. The center of gravity of jubing warehouse receipt moved up significantly today, but the daily line closed negative and is still in the shock range in the past two months. The future market will continue to wait for guidance

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