Comments on polyester chip market on December 7

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Comments on polyester chip market on December 7

polyester chip

on December 7, the trading atmosphere in the chip market fell, and the price was stable and soft. The mainstream transaction in Xiao Shao and other places fell to yuan/ton, and the cash self withdrawal or delivery was accepted in March. The transaction of some lower sources of goods in Cixi was at 10450 yuan/ton, and the cash self withdrawal or delivery was at the place; Wujiang, Taicang high-end price disappeared, some factories reported 10650 yuan/ton cash withdrawal, but the trading volume was small. Generally, the spot transaction price of semi gloss slices in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is 10550- but due to the differences in the range and stability of plastic shrinkage, 10600 yuan/ton cash or March acceptance is delivered in a short distance

market trend analysis: at present, there are no favorable factors in the chip itself and upstream and downstream, and the unfavorable factors prevail, which means that there is still downward pressure on the polyester chip market in the future

polyester filament

on December 7, due to the dispersion with polymers, the polyester transaction atmosphere in Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets was relatively flat. Although the mainstream market price focus was stable, the wait-and-see mood of traders and texturing enterprises picked up. Although the factory mentality was basically stable, due to the different treatment of unsalable and tight varieties in actual operation, such as Shengze textile factory POY was still increased by 100 yuan/ton due to low inventory, and 75d/72f was reported to 13200 yuan/ton, However, some varieties of fdy50, 55D and poy75d/36f in textile mills have been reduced by 100 yuan/ton. At present, the overall production and sales rate of the factory is slightly lower than that in the early stage. The production and sales of some factories with high ex factory prices cannot be leveled when they actually sell, but the overall production and sales rate is still about 90%, and the supply of some conventional varieties is tight. At present, due to the low inventory of most polyester factories as a whole, generally POY based factories have closed their positions within a week. Although the texturing enterprises have replenished their positions, the demand of downstream weaving industry has not significantly shrunk since the release of version a in January 1971, the operating rates of texturing machines and looms are still at a high level as a whole, and the operating rates of some circular machines have fallen due to the reduction of orders, so the market fundamentals have not changed significantly

market trend analysis: market traders tend to be cautious about the future market, and downstream weaving is still "doing it now and making progress now". Chemical fiber spinning manufacturers compete to reduce prices to strive for the sales initiative in order to maintain the production and marketing rate. Polyester is difficult to be optimistic in the future market, and it is more likely to continue weak finishing

polyester staple fiber

on December 7, direct spinning polyester staple fiber began to stop rising, and stabilized in the aviation industry. The price of Sinopec direct spinning polyester staple fiber increased by 100 yuan/ton, the contract CIF agent price of Yihua in December was 11700 yuan/ton, the price within the contract area of Tianhua in December rose to 11600 yuan, and the price outside the region rose to 11700 yuan/ton. At present, the mainstream price of polyester staple products is: large chemical fiber 1.4d × 38mm (direct spinning) is generally delivered to the mainstream, and the transaction price is yuan/ton, and the large chemical fiber is 1.4d × 38mm (direct spinning) low cash delivery transaction price of 11300 yuan/ton, large chemical fiber 1.4d × 38mm (direct spinning) higher cash delivery transaction price is 11600 yuan/ton

market trend analysis: Recently, upstream raw materials fell, crude oil continued to fall slightly, PX also fell, the raw material market was dragged down, PTA and MEG weakened. Direct spinning polyester short-term aftermarket pressure increased, but because the current manufacturers generally have less inventory pressure, market participants believe that polyester short-term price decline is unlikely, and the aftermarket should be temporarily stable

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