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Ministry of Commerce: Comments on China Shengze silk chemical fiber index (August 16)

on Monday, the total index of China Shengze silk chemical fiber index of the Ministry of Commerce decreased by 0.04 points from last Friday to close at 98.99 points, of which the chemical fiber fabric price index fell by 0.03 points to close at 97.88 points; The chemical fiber index closed at 99.69 points, down 0.03 points in the first half of this year

today, the sales volume of fabrics in Shengze market fell. In terms of chemical fiber fabrics, the sales volume of Chunya textile fabrics rose today, especially in high-density series, such as 50*50d 320t corrugated Chunya textile. The cloth surface of this fabric is lattice style, which is very fashionable. This year and next, lattice series clothes are very popular. At the same time, after finishing, the fabric has anti splashing and breathable functions, and the current market demand is very good; In terms of peach skin velvet, the sales volume of conventional varieties is average today, but the sales volume of a 1/2 twill yarn dyed color stripe peach skin velvet is very good. This fabric has a novel and unique style, and the home textile products made of it are very beautiful and generous. Now it is mainly exported to Europe and is a high-end material for home textile products; The sales of chiffon fabrics rebounded today. Among them, the downstream demand for a (15d+15d) * (15d+15d) composite silk chiffon increased. Due to the raw materials used, the fabric naturally produces a crepe feeling after dyeing, which is very aesthetic and generous. At the same time, it feels soft and elastic, with light and elegant appearance, and has good permeability. Now it is mainly used as high-end evening dress fabrics; While the sales volume of upstream clothing and home textile fabrics is rising, today, the sales volume of polyester taffeta fabrics is also increasing. Among them, 210t polyester taffeta as clothing and luggage lining has a good sales volume, and the market quotation is around 1.95 yuan/meter at the current stage of rapid development of new energy vehicles; In terms of cotton fabrics, today, the sales of brocade and cotton fabrics are up. Among them, the sales of 40d*80d+32s diamond silk brocade and cotton are remarkable. This fabric looks bright, feels very good, and has a sense of bone. Although it is not a new fabric, the product is very suitable for men's and women's jackets, windbreakers and other clothing. The current market quotation is about 18.5 yuan/meter

from the perspective of chemical fiber, recently, PTA is still in a state of high profit, high inventory impact toughness test and different service conditions of some parts bearing repeated impact loads, while the market continues to worry about the foreign trade situation, and the later trend of PTA is not optimistic. At present, PTA generally offers 7300 yuan/ton for cash pick-up, and the transaction price for cash pick-up is 7200 yuan/ton. In addition, the price trend of downstream polyester chips is in an consolidation state. At present, the transaction price of semi gloss polyester chips is generally 9200 yuan/ton, and the transaction price of semi gloss polyester chips is generally 9150 yuan/ton

in terms of downstream polyester, after the sharp adjustment of polyester prices in Shengze market on weekends, manufacturers are mostly on the sidelines. At present, the cash quotation of fdy50d/72f market is 18000 yuan/ton, the acceptance quotation of poy150d/144f market is 12400 yuan/ton, and the low elasticity acceptance quotation of dty150d/48f is 12800 yuan/ton. At present, due to the influence of electrical factors, the downstream procurement volume is significantly reduced, the demand in the polyester Market in the future is reduced, and the downward trend of filament price is inevitable

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