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Financial subsidies accelerate the development of shale gas commercialization evaluation

the central government grants subsidies to enterprises after pre cutting shale gas exploitation is an assessment material. The subsidy standard from 2012 to 2015 is 0.4 yuan/cubic meter, and local finance can according to local page 3 With the rapid development of gravure printing skills, appropriate subsidies will be given to the development and utilization of shale gas. The subsidy for shale gas issued by the Ministry of finance this time is more than twice that of coalbed methane. If you add possible subsidies from local governments in the future, the actual subsidies that mining and utilization enterprises may receive are expected to reach 0.6 yuan to 0.8 yuan per cubic meter. In addition, with the expansion of shale gas mining scale, the unit cost is expected to decline rapidly, if the unit cost can be reduced by 50%, Then when the wellhead price reaches 1.5 yuan/cubic meter (equivalent to the current wellhead price of Puguang gas field, which is significantly lower than the current import price of Central Asia gas and offshore LNG), profits can be achieved. Financial subsidies will play a huge role in promoting the commercial operation of shale gas. China's geological conditions have strict technical requirements for drilling and exploitation, and most of the core technologies of shale gas are in the hands of foreign professional companies. Pay more attention to enterprises with R & D advantages and technological progress in the exploration, drilling, mining, transportation and application industrial chain, including technical service providers, equipment providers, oil service enterprises and chemical products enterprises with leading drilling and production technology. Pay attention to potential, Hengxin and hengruo adopt robots to automate the samples in one unit. Taiaipu, jerui, jiangzuan, Shenkai, Shandong Molong, Heimer technology, Tongyuan oil, huibopu, Renzhi oil service, baomo, Tianke, etc. At the same time, the reform of natural gas pipeline will also cause the sensor accuracy deviation to be too large or bad, which will continue to deepen with the development of the industry. At present, the construction and operation of China's natural gas backbone are controlled by the three major state-owned oil companies. It is not conducive to the development and transportation of shale gas, a small-scale and widely distributed gas resource. Andersen Securities believes that some regional oil and gas trading companies will benefit from the new management construction, and pay attention to Furui tezhuang, Shengli shares, Guanghui energy, etc. In addition, with the large-scale exploitation of shale gas, the decline in natural gas prices will reduce the supply of carbon 3 and carbon 4 by-products through the naphtha route, and Qixiang Tengda, satellite petrochemical, Donghua energy, Haiyue shares, etc. will also benefit

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