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Dr. xiaoweirong, general manager of baccalais China, visited the Chengdu office. Baccalais (BR) industrial automation Chengdu office was officially established on october15,2006. The office is located at times square, Zongfu Road, CBD Central Business District, Chengdu. The office has a strong team of sales and technical engineers. At present, it has worked closely with many local system integrators, Efficient investment provides a new choice for the zero pollution Sustainable Development Strategy in the development of various projects

at the beginning of 2007, Dr. xiaoweirong, general manager of B.R. China, visited the Chengdu office. Mr. Xiao said that the business areas of B.R. Chengdu Office include Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet, Chongqing and other provinces and cities. There is a good industrial foundation and development potential here, and Chengdu is the center of science, technology, culture, finance and industry in the southwest. Therefore, we chose Chengdu to establish an office, This indicates that baccalais will establish closer cooperation with automation system integrators, end users, industry associations and universities in Southwest China, pay more attention to the automation market in Southwest China, commit to the overall improvement of industrial automation level in Southwest China, and add a bright orange to the industrial take-off in Southwest China

at the same time, Mr. Xiao also said that baccalais has always attached great importance to the support and cooperation with local university education and industry associations. At present, baccalais is also actively consulting with Chengdu universities about the specific details of our company's cost reduction mechanism to establish baccalais laboratory; At the same time, baccalais will also participate in the "eighth southwest automation and instrumentation International Exhibition" from April 25 to April 28, 2007. The exhibition will be located in Chengdu International Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, a series of new products will be launched and released

b R (Beijialai,) company was jointly founded by Mr. benek and Mr. reinner in 1979. Since its establishment, Br has been committed to industrial automation technology innovation and leading the trend of technology development. Excellent and open products meet customers' needs to the greatest extent, making customers' products highly personalized and competitive. Br provides the industry with not only automation product technology, but a complete set of automation solutions. In 1996, B.R. came to China, committed to providing Chinese users with high-quality automation products and unique technical solutions, as well as the whole process technical services based on the concept of "perfect automation". Today, B & R products have been widely used in mechanical automation and process automation fields such as electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical and municipal engineering in China's plastics, packaging, printing, textile, food and other industries. Today, in addition to its headquarters in Shanghai, B & R has set up offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Jinan and Xi'an, and has cooperated with local well-known universities to establish joint industrial control laboratories and technical training centers. This excellent team in China has been helping and supporting the implementation of customer automation solutions. While pursuing perfect automation, baccalais is a worldwide partner in industrial automation. "Perfection in automation" and "your worldwide automation PA concrete pressure testing machine calibration method: rtner" accurately describe the mission and pursuit of baccalais in the field of industrial automation

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