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On September 12, 2018, the world-class industrial brand exhibition and the 20th China International Industrial Expo (hereinafter referred to as "China Industrial Expo") will be opened from September 19 to 23. The industrial automation business department of Guangbao technology will display the new generation of servo motor isa-7x and industrial control brain PLC (programmable logic controller) rge 5032, which are expected to be launched in October this year, Both control speed, fineness and complexity have reached new heights. In addition, the manipulator simulator will also be unveiled for the first time, showing the high-end performance of 6-axis simultaneous operation achieved by the integration of servo driver and servo motor, in order to seize the automation business opportunity in China

the servo motor and PLC new products invested in the research and development of Guangbao industrial control will take advantage of the upgraded excellent performance of the 2018 China Industry Expo to show the servo motor and PLC re evolution.

the industrial automation of Guangbao technology and even the servo motor and PLC new products invested in the research and development by the industry department that can lead the development of the industry will take advantage of the China Industry Expo to show their upgraded excellent performance. Zhengzhifeng, general manager of industrial automation division of Guangbao technology, pointed out that isa-7x, a new servo series machine, supports up to 68 segment commands and 720 point electronic cams, and is an entry-level servo drive product that can meet the delicate process requirements of consumer electronic products. Isa-7x supports software and hardware triggering, and can be connected to 63 groups of sensors at most to meet the needs of complex control situations in smart factories; The built-in controller can save customers the cost of purchasing additional controllers and program development in processes such as flying chasing and shearing

Guangbao technology will display the dynamic display machine of flying chasing shear, which is commonly used in printing and cutting machinery applications.

rge 5032 is a PLC specially designed for motion control. It integrates four new functions, including built-in EtherCAT bus, soft motion, PC level computing ability and intelligent connectivity, to meet the requirements of intelligent manufacturing for speed, efficiency and flexibility. EtherCAT is the highest specification communication protocol in the field of industrial control at present, which enables rge 5032 to issue instructions at the fastest speed of 1 millisecond; The softmotion function that conforms to the PLC open motion control standard can use software to plan the required motion, and can be done when it can be written. It also provides different application function libraries to accelerate the development process of the customer's bottle nozzle facing the fuel filler. In addition, the up-down high-speed connection function enables you to upload data to the cloud without connecting other devices after summarizing and analyzing the data of low-level devices

comprehensively upgrade EtherCAT to help customers upgrade intelligent manufacturing

zhengzhifeng said that the traditional communication architecture is easy to be disturbed by noise during long-distance transmission, and the speed is affected by bandwidth, forming a bottleneck of production capacity. However, EtherCAT communication architecture reduces the synchronous update time to less than 1 millisecond, which is the infrastructure of intelligent manufacturing. The whole product line of Guangbao industrial control supports EtherCAT communication architecture and fully assists customers in upgrading intelligent manufacturing

the whole product line of Guangbao industrial control supports the EtherCAT communication architecture and fully assists customers in upgrading intelligent manufacturing.

in this year's China Industrial Expo, in addition to the first appearance of the manipulator simulator, Guangbao technology also exhibited three dynamic machines, "tension control", "flying chasing shear feeding system" and "motion control", showing the application of Guangbao industrial control combined with EtherCAT communication architecture in various industries. Tension control is widely used in textile, packaging and fiber rubber processing and manufacturing industries. Flying chasing shear is commonly used in printing and cutting machinery. In all kinds of automatic production lines, motion control is an indispensable part


I. exhibition information since its establishment in 1999, the China Industrial Expo has entered the 20th session. It has become an indicator international industrial brand exhibition, which is held in Shanghai every autumn. This year, the China Industrial Expo has nine major professional exhibitions, covering robotics, industrial automation, energy-saving and environmental protection technology and equipment, CNC machine tools and metal processing, new energy and electric power, new energy and smart cars, scientific and technological innovation, information and communication technology, new material industry and other fields. It has gathered more than 2500 exhibitors from around the world. The exhibition is expected to attract 160000 professional visitors from around the world

exhibition date: 9/1 the R & D, production and utilization of biodegradable plastics are of great significance to the sustainable development of the plastic industry 9 (III) - 9/23 (d)

location: Booth No. of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center: c138

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II. About Guangbao group

Guangbao was founded in 1975 with the vision of "the best partner of photoelectric energy conservation and smart technology", Focus on the development of core optoelectronic components and key electronic components, and strive to establish mass production advantages through resource integration and management optimization. The products provided by Guangbao are widely used in computer, communication, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, LED lighting, cloud computing, industrial automation and other fields. Its products include optoelectronic products, information technology, storage devices, hand-held mechanical components, etc., all of which occupy a leading position in the world. In 2018, Guangbao was selected as the "top 100 global technology leaders" by Thomson Reuters, the parent company of British media Reuters, with an annual output of 300000 tons of high molecular composite materials. For more details, please go to the official website of Guangbao technology or the fan page

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