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Downstream chemical enterprises may benefit from the drop in the price of chemical products.

. The ex factory prices of methanol, propylene, propylene oxide and pure benzene have decreased by more than 10% since May

according to the statistics of Gao Li, an analyst at Huachuang securities, the ex factory price of methanol decreased by 10.4% compared with the beginning of May, propylene decreased by 13%, propylene oxide decreased by 17.4% and pure benzene decreased by 23%

although this is not good news for chemical product production and sample adding step: enterprises, downstream chemical enterprises may benefit from the decline in the price of chemical raw materials. Gaoli, an analyst at Huachuang securities, believes that chlor alkali chemical industry, Danhua technology, Yantai Wanhua, Hongda new materials, Sibao technology, Huitian rubber industry, Bluestar new materials, anada and CNNC titanium dioxide benefited from price changes

at the same time, after the rapid decline of share prices in recent years, some analysts said that some chemical stocks with good medium-term performance forecast have shown signs of bottoming out. Chenglei and Zhang Liyang, analysts of Everbright Securities, believe that some high-quality chemical stocks have fallen to the value range, and issued a report to raise the rating of basic chemical industry from "neutral" to "overweight"

the stock prices of individual stocks with good performance this week have shown signs of starting. Among them, performance 4. Display range: Youli holdings, with a pre increase of 1373.96% from 0 to 99999.9n, has two consecutive trading boards this week, with a cumulative weekly increase of 20.83%, and then accelerate the implementation; Northwest Chemical, whose performance soared by 11.49 times, directly closed the trading limit on Tuesday, with a cumulative increase of 14.44% this week

Everbright Securities believes that from the perspective of rebound and possible cycle reversal, the most likely opportunity in the future is in the agrochemical sector, which is supported by three seasonal factors: less macro impact, goods preparation in the fourth quarter and strong demand in the first quarter of 2011. It is believed that, at present, it has reached the gradual buying point, and the systematic stock rise may have to wait until after the interim report or the fertilizer peak season in September

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