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On December 15, 2006, with the purpose of "promoting ISRI's integrity and self-discipline and leading the healthy development of enterprises", the China Coating Industry Association launched the management measures for credit rating evaluation of coating enterprises (Draft) at the China coating industry high level forum, As a specific interpretation and quantitative standard for the construction of enterprise credit and fair competition system in the China coating industry standards issued at the same time

the draft stipulates that the credit rating of coating enterprises shall follow the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, and the results shall be subject to the supervision of the industry and society; Refine the enterprise credit rating evaluation indicators, covering the credit status in nine aspects: finance, contract, tax payment, quality, price, service and labor insurance products are high standard production barriers, statistics and morality; Quantitative credit scoring system, with a total credit rating of 100 points, including AAA (above 90 points), AA (80 ~ 89 points) and a (70 ~ 79 points); The grade assessment is divided into four steps: application, preliminary assessment, re assessment and final review. The Secretariat of the painting association will summarize the preliminary assessment results and submit them to the professional review committee. After their re assessment, the re assessment results will be submitted to the National Leading Group Office for rectifying and standardizing the market economic order (hereinafter referred to as the national rectification and planning office) for final approval

it is reported that in June this year, the national rectification and planning office and the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) carried out the first pilot work of industry credit evaluation, and Tu Xie put forward the draft after conducting industry research. Yuewangkun, Secretary General of the coating Association, said: "the introduction of this method during the strategic transformation period of the development of China's coating industry, scoring the integrity of enterprises, has played a positive role in promoting the construction of the industry's credit system, establishing a harmonious development and benign competition mechanism, and promoting law-abiding, self-discipline and honest management despite the constant temperature. The credit rating will be subject to dynamic management and regular evaluation as a long-term mechanism to promote the improvement of the industry's integrity level. "

the representatives who participated in the high-level forum of the coating industry also made positive comments on the draft. 1) the aluminum alloy profiles shall not touch each other in the process of picking, moving and stretching. The person in charge of a well-known coating enterprise in China said: "our factory has not suffered less from adulteration, fraud and abduction before. The loss is too great! The proposal of this method is very timely. The enterprise hopes for a fair competitive environment, and the integrity mechanism ensures that no one can violate the rules at will in the future. "

it is understood that the integrity level of the coating industry is not high at present, and there is an urgent need for standardized order and mechanism to restrain and guide; The draft expresses the intangible enterprise integrity in the form of objective scores, which is visual and intuitive. It will serve as an important reference for the future market cooperation of enterprises and also promote the improvement of their own strength

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