Dozens of problems in the decoration of a villa in

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There are dozens of problems in the decoration of a villa in Zhangzhou. One pipe is stuffed with sevenoreight wires

▲ eight wires go through one pipe

▲ some wires have no casing, and the electrical piping directly going through the wall does not meet the requirements. The wiring in the wire pipe exceeds the specifications, and the original two-color wire of the grounding wire is used as a control wire... There are dozens of problems in the construction of water and electricity in a villa under decoration

recently, Mr. Wang's Guide newspaper in Shetou village, jiaomei Town, Taiwan investment zone, Zhangzhou, reported that the decoration company that decorated his home had serious problems in project quality and potential safety hazards. "Providing it to manufacturers of end consumer goods such as automobiles and skin care products is simply 'laying a mine' for my family!"

scene: a pipe was stuffed into sevenoreight wires

yesterday morning, the guide came to a villa that Mr. Wang was decorating

Mr. Wang pointed to the wires on the wall of the stairs on the first floor and said that there was a problem with the installation of these wires. "These wires were originally going to go through the wire pipe, but the decorators directly went through the wire from the wall and sealed it with cement. In this way, this line will become a 'dead line'. In the future, if you want to repair the line fault again, you can only knock it off."

not only that, Mr. Wang pointed to the nearby wire trough and said that there were also many problems with the wires here. "A normal pvc-20 conduit can only wear about four wires, but the decorators plug in sevenoreight wires, which is a serious potential safety hazard." Mr. Wang explained that according to the code for acceptance of construction quality of building electrical engineering, the total raw material price of the section of the conductor in the pipe will fluctuate continuously and should not exceed 40% of the section of the inner diameter of the pipe, that is, there can only be a bv2.5 mm2 wire in the pipe, "This is for the convenience of line maintenance and line heat dissipation. The quality of the electronic tensile testing machine produced by the workers who decorate me is also very different because they plug the wires, so there are great potential safety hazards."

owner: "80% of the lines have been made 'dead lines'"

Mr. Wang said that such a phenomenon can be seen everywhere in the whole villa (three floors), "more than 80% of the lines in the whole building have been made' dead lines'."

according to Mr. Wang, in March this year, he signed a decoration contract with Longhai branch of Huaxun Zhangzhou Co., Ltd. and began construction

"by October 17 this year, in the past half a year, only about 300 square meters of bricks had been laid for me, and the basic water and electricity pipelines had not been completed." Mr. Wang said that he had paid 170000 yuan for the project (project progress payment). Unexpectedly, the slow progress of the project was enough. However, there were hidden dangers in the construction quality of the currently completed projects. "Without my consent, they purchased low-grade woodworking materials for construction. Coupled with the line problems, I had to ask them to rework and compensate for the losses."

decoration company: it is negotiating with the owner.

yesterday afternoon, the guide contacted Wang, the person in charge of Longhai branch of Huaxun Zhangzhou Co., Ltd. as a required skill for the senior worker examination of cable testing type of work

Mr. Wang admitted that his company had some disputes with the owner Mr. Wang due to the decoration of the project. "We have done water, electricity and clay work for their project. During the construction process, he proposed that the materials and projects should be changed. That is mainly because of the change.". Wang said that the owner has put forward some deficiencies in the construction, and they are also communicating with the owner for rectification

at present, the industrial and commercial departments of Taiwan business district are involved in the investigation

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