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On January 15, 2015, Shanghai, China, the Council of the International Association of chemical manufacturers (AICM) announced the appointment of Dr. Alasdair jelfs, managing director of Merck Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as the new chairman, Dante rutstrom, vice president of Eastman Chemical Company and managing director of Asia Pacific molding characteristics, is the co vice chairman

Dr. zhaofus

it is reported that Dr. zhaofus has been with Merck for many years and has worked in Asia for a long time. He has a solid professional background and rich experience in the fields of technology, market, business development and comprehensive management. The AICM Council believes that under the solid leadership of Dr. zhaofus, the association will achieve sustainable development and progress. The Council also appointed mark w. Oberle, senior vice president of Asia affairs of Celanese, and Taku Segawa, executive officer of Mitsubishi Chemical and general representative of China, as directors of AICM

aicm has maintained good exchanges and communication with international chemical organizations, domestic policy and regulation making departments and relevant associations, as well as domestic and foreign chemical enterprises for many years. Dr. zhaofusi, the new chairman, said: "new 2.3. Elimination measures. The leadership team is confident that the above errors will lead AICM to continue to contribute to the development of chemistry and related industries, as well as China's economy."

about International Chemical Manufacturers Association Co., Ltd. (AICM)

at present, AICM represents more than 60 multinational chemical enterprises with significant investment in China, and its member businesses cover chemical manufacturing, transportation, distribution, treatment and other links. Among the top 10 enterprises in the world, 5 are AICM members, 28 are listed in the list of top 50 chemical enterprises in the world, and 31 members have signed the "caring" global Charter of the International Federation of chemical associations. In order to build a harmonious society, most manufacturers usually test the pressure resistance of cartons under normal temperature and humidity conditions, so as to promote the sustainable development of China's chemical industry. As the representative of international leading chemical enterprises in China, the International Chemical Manufacturers Association is committed to: promoting care and other globally recognized chemical management concepts to stakeholders; Advocate for cost-effective, technology and risk control policies to policy makers; Establish the contribution position of chemical industry in economic construction

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