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"Dr. mud" haopeng: transform scientific research innovation into productivity

"Dr. mud" haopeng: transform scientific research innovation into productivity

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Guide: after being evaluated as a model worker, I feel more busy, more and more stressed, and have higher requirements for work efficiency! On the afternoon of March 26, when the author arrived at Shanhe intelligent on the middle Lixiang road in Xingsha, Changsha County, haopenggang returned from a business trip in Guangdong. On this business trip, Hao Peng successively went to Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhanjiang

"after being evaluated as a model worker, I feel more busy and under more and more pressure. The working efficiency of applying rated voltage and rated current to the conductor of the tested sample 101 is also higher!" On the afternoon of March 26, when the author arrived at Shanhe intelligent on the middle Lixiang road in Xingsha, Changsha County, haopenggang returned from a business trip in Guangdong. On this business trip, Hao Peng has successively traveled to Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhanjiang, Qingyuan and other places, covering more than half of Guangdong Province. He said: "only when we really go deep into the production line to understand the use of products, and constantly add the latest production technology, can our excavator move towards the leading position in the world equipment manufacturing field!"

Hao Peng is a model worker of Hunan Province and deputy director of the middle excavation Institute of Shanhe intelligent excavator Research Institute. Born in 1979, he has a typical appearance as an engineering student. If we hadn't listened to his introduction, it would be difficult for us to connect this thin scholar with the northwest man

busy and compact life

after graduating from his doctor's degree in 2008, Hao Peng entered Shanhe intelligence. Hao Peng's daily life is compact and regular, and his work content is single but not repeated: scheme approval, drawing review, and exploration of product development direction; Understand market demand and make product planning; Go to the production workshop regularly, provide technical support to the front-line workers and be responsible for debugging the product effect. At weekends, Hao Peng will take his wife and 4-year-old daughter for a walk in Yuelu Mountain and Meixi lake to make up for the care they neglect because of their busy work

in the six years since joining Shanhe intelligent, Hao Peng has successively served as an electric control engineer, product director, deputy director of the medium excavation Institute of the excavator Research Institute, etc. at present, he is mainly engaged in the research and development of medium and large excavators. It took less than one year from the concept of Shanhe intelligent medium-sized excavator to the prototype off the assembly line and then to the realization of sales, setting the industry's fastest R & D, production and sales speed of medium-sized excavator. Hao Peng and his team overcame all difficulties in time schedule and commissioning control, and played a core role in the production and sales of guaranteed products

"at present, in the gap between foreign brands, Shanhe intelligent adheres to independent innovation, continuously increases investment in excavator technology research and development, and continuously improves its market share." Referring to this, Hao Peng talked about his long-standing dream that his excavator can become a leader in the world's equipment manufacturing field and show the powerful power of "created in China"

"living like a clay figurine"

"labor is still needed, and innovation comes from the market." This is what Hao Peng's tutor often told him when he was a doctoral student. He shuttles around the production workshop and construction site all day to solve problems and solve technical problems for customers. As a result, Hao Peng often shows his face as "disheartened", so he has the nickname of "Dr. mud"

last year, Hao Peng led his team to the mine in Shiyan, Hubei Province for many times to carry out on-site tests. In order to make the data information more complete. 2. Before the computer tensile machine is online, close the anti-virus software installed on the computer to prevent conflicts and effective operation of the software. Hao Peng often took the lead in climbing the mine to find the best test site. "After one day's test on the tension measuring and recording device of the 2 rubber tensile testing machine, the whole body was covered with dust, like a clay figurine."

Hao Peng often encourages his team colleagues, "if you don't go to the construction site for trial, you can't design better products; if you encounter a problem that can't be solved, you might as well go to the workshop and the site to learn more about the market demand, which may make you feel better."

on one occasion, Hao Peng and his team investigated in Shandong. The agent reported that an excavator that had been used for many years had failed, but the agent's service personnel went to other construction sites to look for it. After learning about the situation, Hao Peng led his colleagues to the scene at the first time, borrowed maintenance tools, climbed onto the machine, started the engine with the help of his colleagues, and recorded the data. Despite the heat wave impact of the exhaust pipe, he finally found out the cause of the fault and solved the problem for the user in time through line detection, operation troubleshooting detection and data analysis

"Dr. Hao" is a good doctor.

in the production workshop of Shanhe intelligent, Hao Peng often appears here, or patiently and in detail answers technical questions for workers, or makes debugging for product equipment. Because he has been dealing with the production workers in the workshop for a long time, Hao Peng, who is a low-key man, gets along well with the workers. The workers in the workshop affectionately call him "Dr. Hao"

"'dr. Hao 'is a good doctor. I have worked with him for many years. He is very kind, active and responsible. The workers like him very much and the dealers are willing to deal with him." Hujianping, director of the middle excavation Institute of Shanhe intelligent excavator Research Institute, said: "In addition to his highest educational background, Hao Peng also has many 'most' in our efforts to develop new aluminum based materials and high-end equipment to manufacture new aluminum alloy materials: he travels most of the time in China; he works overtime most of the time, almost oneortwo nights a week. During the peak production season, he is on the spot almost every day; the places where he travels are the most difficult. If there are customers' equipment and technology in remote places such as Inner Mongolia and Guizhou He is almost always sent to solve problems. "

"love your job and work hard to promote steady and rapid economic development; stick to your faith, lead social fashion with honest labor and promote social harmony; keep pace with the times and build an innovative Hunan with innovative labor." This is Hao Peng's proposal to the staff of Hunan Province on behalf of all winners at the May Day International Labor Day and advanced commendation conference in 2012. In this regard, haopeng has been practicing his commitment with practical actions. He hopes to make contributions to the country with what he has learned, transform scientific research and innovation into real productivity, and truly put what he has learned into practice

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