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As more and more international brand kitchen cabinets enter China, it has triggered an upsurge of China's "kitchen revolution". Nowadays, the concept of kitchen cabinet has been deeply integrated into the traditional oriental culture, and has become an indispensable part of modern home decoration

with more and more international brand kitchen cabinets entering China, China “ Kitchen revolution ” The upsurge. Nowadays, the concept of kitchen cabinet has been deeply integrated into the traditional oriental culture, and has become an indispensable part of modern home decoration. Now the cabinet certainly has many attractive advantages, but its price is not cheap. How to choose a set of qualified modern cabinets has become a new problem for most families. We have summarized some common problems in the market, hoping to give readers some reference

look at the edge banding of plates

the edge banding of high-quality cabinets is fine, smooth, and feels good. The sealing line is straight and smooth, and the joints are fine. Professional manufacturers use linear edge banding machine to complete the processes of edge banding, end breaking, edge trimming, chamfering, polishing, etc. at one time, the gluing is uniform, and the pressure of pressing and pasting edge banding is stable, ensuring the most accurate size. However, small workshops use brushes to apply glue, manually press and seal edges, use castor knives to repair edges, and use manual polishing machines to polish. Due to uneven pressure, many places are not firm, and formaldehyde and other toxic gases will volatilize into the air

second look at punching

nowadays, panel furniture is assembled by three in one connectors, and the matching and accuracy of the hole position will affect the structural firmness of the cabinet. Professional manufacturers use multiple rows of drills to complete several holes on the edge and surface of a board at one time. These holes are a positioning benchmark, and the dimensional accuracy is guaranteed

three look at cutting board

cutting board is the first process of cabinet production. Large professional enterprises use electronic cutting saws to input processing dimensions through computers, which control the dimensional accuracy of material selection, and can process several plates at a time. The performance of the equipment is stable. The dimensional accuracy of the plates produced is very high, the tolerance unit is in microns, and there is no stubble on the edge of the plates

four look at the door panel

the door panel is the face of the cabinet, which is as important as the human face. Door panels produced by small factories are prone to moisture and deformation due to improper treatment of base materials and surface processes

fifth, look at the assembly effect of the whole cabinet.

any dimensional error in the production process will be reflected in the door panel. The door panel produced by professional large factories is horizontal and vertical, and the gap between the doors is uniform, while the door panel produced by small factories will have uneven door seams, uneven gap, and large and small

six look at the slide rail of the drawer

although it is a small detail, it is an important part that affects the quality of the cabinet. Due to the size error of the hole position and the plate, there is an error in the installation size of the slide rail, resulting in the drawer pulling is not smooth or the left and right are loose. Pay attention to whether the drawer gap is even




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